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Performance Side Marker Lights

Highways are crowded with vehicles, and your protection relies on how recognizable your car is to many other car drivers, which is why you require side-marker lights and repeaters. Made to light up the sides of your trip, repeaters help passing cars to see the dimensions of your car, while side markers are those that offer additional illumination and alert other drivers when you switch or change lanes. These lights provide extra lighting to help avoid incidents and save people. That's why you're always supposed to keep them in control because you're putting yourself at risk of getting into a car accident.

What are Side Marker Lights?

Side marker lights are lighting devices installed on the front and rear sides of vehicles, trucks, and, in particular, trailers. They serve as safety lights recognized by other vehicles when the motorists switch the headlights on. They are common elements and features for most vehicles and can also be purchased and assembled as an option to the aftermarket.

What is the Function of Side Marker Light?

Side marker lights provide extra illumination at night and during times of poor visibility to help other drivers and pedestrians see the vehicle. Side marker lights are standard equipment on buses, trailers, cars, trucks, and some work and utility vehicles.

You Need Side Marker Lights for Your Car!

Whether we want it or not, side marker lights can become discolored, cracked, and chipped over time. So, if your current side markers are out of whack, look through our superior collection of replacement side marker lights we've gathered for you. Meticulously designed to the exact specifications of your vehicle, they have the same dimensions and contours as factory units and guarantee accurate fit.

Lights are marketed with clear, red, smoke, and amber to give the same look to your stock lights. Thoroughly checked for consistency, they ensure proper lighting.

We deliver high-performance side markers for those hunting for upgrades. Fitted with super bright LEDs, they shine brighter than the stock headlights and taillights. Side marker lights are equipped with state-of-the-art innovation and modern-quality devices to guarantee the utmost accuracy. Linked to the turn signals, the side markers operate in sync with them.

Side marker lights start to flash as you switch or change directions, and let other cars, motorcycles, and bikers that are next to you-and likely won't see your front or rear markers see your vehicle's location, speed, and direction. Our side markers will last for years to come, so you'll be 100% pleased with your investment at Vivid Racing.

We also have a large selection of competitive repeaters on our platform. While they're deemed an enhancement to your vehicle's lighting system, this doesn't make them any less essential. Connected to the front and back sides of your ride, these side marker lights improve the protection of you and your passenger on the road by enabling other vehicles and cyclists to grasp better the boundaries of your vehicle.

Repeaters are incredibly useful at nighttime and under dim light levels when illumination is limited. We think that when it comes to your protection, you deserve nothing but performance and quality, and that's why we're known to partner with prominent and leading manufacturers for their high-quality products. Manufacturers design all side marker lights with strong attention to detail to guarantee that they last for years of use.

Built to light the sides of your car, the repeaters, and the side-marker lights ensure protection on the lane. And just because they perform a protection feature doesn't imply they didn't contribute fashion to it. If you want to tailor your trip, don't leave the side markers. Here at Vivid Racing, we have a stunning array of side-marker lights with impeccable designs.

For example, you can demand outstanding, first-rate chrome side markers and excellent smoke side marker lights to improve your car's design and give it a distinctive appearance. These lights are an affordable way to make your ride on the road glamorous and stylish. When built, they will attract other road users' attention with their bright light and beautiful appearance.

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