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Signature HP

Dunlop Signature HP Tires

The V- and W-speed certified Ultra High-Performance All-Season radials in the Dunlop Signature HP tire collection are designed for owners of sporty coupes, sports cars, and high-performance cars who want to take control of their vehicle and feel the excitement of the road. Signature HP tires were created for drivers who appreciate getting both dominance and influence at their fingertips. They blend a fashionable style with all-season traction, even in light snow.

A high-performance all-season compound is fashioned into an asymmetric tread structure on Signature HP tires. Their wide outboard shoulder blocks complement intermediate and center ribs, improving steering control and turning stability. Independent tread blocks in the tire's inboard intermediate rib and shoulder pump water to prevent hydroplaning and improve rainy weather grip. In snow and on ice, a unique blade arrangement increases biting edges to provide long-lasting traction and improve turning.

Internally, the tire has dual high-density steel belts strengthened with Dunlop's JointLess Band (JLB) nylon to increase driving stability and encourage even treadwear while reducing weight and improving ride quality. Sidewall enhancements made of hard rubber improve steering response and turning steadiness. Rim guards are used to protect rims against curb abuse.


  • Asymmetric Tread Design
  • Circumferential Grooves
  • Innovative Blade Pattern
  • Contoured Edges

The Dunlop Signature HP is the company's latest ultra-high performance all-season tire. The HP is expected to provide high year-round performance, better precise handling, and extended tread life for users of all kinds of coupes, sports cars, and high-performance sedans.

On dry roadways, an improved asymmetric tread pattern and all-season tread compound offer outstanding traction, handling, and braking. Dunlop has added larger outer shoulder blocks and persistent center ribs to offer the tire exactly the sort of handling and steering response you'd anticipate from a UHP model. The steering is swift and sensitive, with a firm hold on the road around turns.

Four circumferential grooves assist drain water out from the tire and decrease hydroplaning, while the distinctive tread pattern and extra sipes help with snow and ice handling. However, this is not an area where the tire excels. Another benefit of the Signature HP is wet braking.

Dunlop employs curved edges around the shoulders to decrease road noise and improve convenience, all of which the tire accomplishes admirably. JointLess Band Technology and two high-density steel belts offer strength and longevity to the tread on the inside. The outcome is greater and more consistent treadwear, as indicated by its UTQG rating of 500. With V or W speed ratings, sizes ranging from 16 to 19 inches are offered. The HP is covered by a 45,000-mile warranty from Dunlop.

About Dunlop Tires

Dunlop has been manufacturing tires for over a century. They designed tires capable of forming a bond between the road and the driver after their first performance in 1889. When it comes to quality tires, they are now a cultural icon in the car industry. The brand has a long history of producing high-performance tires and has competed in many races worldwide. They have a specialized factory for making race tires, and they have made over 300,000 tires in the past. They've been used by several racers and have proved to deliver goods that give the driver the trust they want.

Dunlop is a globally recognized company. Europe, China, Latin America, Malaysia, India, Japan, Philippines, North America, Indonesia, Thailand, and Russia have numerous processing and distribution facilities. The company makes tires for a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, sedans, and SUVs. Various automotive makers and aftermarket tuners have chosen them because of their reputation for reliable, high-performance tires. Dunlop has always strived to improve the performance of its tires. They could produce tires that would retain their form at high speeds thanks to inventions like their Joint Bond Technology. They also have a Multi-Pitch Design that keeps road noise at bay.

The company produces a rubber silica compound with a specially formulated Silicarbon Matrix with a superior grip. Dunlop is a brand you can trust if you're looking for a tire that provides a decent degree of traction while still being safe to use. They have a wide range of sizes to pick from, so you can find one that suits your needs. Check out what Dunlop has in store for you at Vivid Racing.

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