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Sparco Racing Harness

Sparco has a full line of harnesses that work in unity with their competition seats. Crafted from high-quality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection. They also have a 6-point Hans-compatible harness features 3-inch lap straps and shoulder straps that taper from 3 inches to 2 inches. This tapered design allows for the integration of a Hans device. Each strap attaches in the center using an aircraft-quality quick-release buckle with integrated anti-submarine belts. The lightweight aluminum adjusters allow for smooth, quick adjustments and perfect clamping. Shoulder and sub belts attaches to the frame using snap-on fixings and Caribiner fasteners for lap belts. Available in three colors: black, blue and red. This harness is FIA approved.

A racing harness will help keep you in control because you will remain seated in place at all times. Sparco's FIA approved racing harnesses provide top safety for racers. The rotary buckle used with these harnesses is made of billet aluminum for high strength while remaining lightweight. A 6 point HANS harness is also available for racers using a head and neck restraint. Sparco uses flexible and tough materials for belts and comfortable and smooth material for longtime use.


  • 3" lap belt
  • 3" tapered to 2" shoulder straps
  • Light-weight Carabiner fasteners for lap belts
  • Pull-Up lap belts
  • Light-weight aluminum adjuster for smooth and quick tensioning
  • Snap-in Kit Mounting included
  • FIA Approved

Why Use a Racing Harness?

Using a racing harness in car racing is different from regular three-point car seat belts. While both the car harness and the standard seat belts are designed to hold the driver in the seat, the harness also keeps the person safely in the roll cage. In addition, the racing harness restricts the driver's movement to a minor discomfort in order to secure the driver in place and avoid injury. Due to restrictions on movement and sighting, racing harnesses may not be used on public roads. Before using harnesses in normal driving, you can consult your state's local laws.

Racing harnesses can sound like just a mandatory safety device, but their size, design and user-friendliness can also have a major effect on both your comfort in the car as well as your ability to get quickly and easily belted in before races and during endurance event changes. And Cipher’s racing harnesses will prove to be safe, comfortable, and very durable.

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