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Sparco Seats

Sparco seats and other great products from Sparco are the perfect addition to any racing and automotive enthusiast's car. Sparco seats are designed to maximize both comfort and performance, making Sparco racing seats a necessity to anyone who is serious about racing or simply wishes to optimize their driving experience. 

What are Sparco Seats?

Two race drivers who shared the same passion for motorsport founded Sparco in 1977. More than twenty years later, Sparco's ambition for producing the safest driving suit possible, is still the number one priority for the company.

Thousands of professional and amateur racing drivers rely on Sparco every year to protect them in the unfriendliest environment, the cockpit of a race car. At speeds of more than 200 mph, and temperatures above 120 degrees, a driver must be 100% confident in their safety equipment. Therefore, the world's top professional drivers choose Sparco, more than any other brand.

Why Should I Choose Sparco Racing Seats?

Sparco racing seats are widely regarded as one of the best aftermarket racing seats in the industry. Below, we explain why Sparco racing seats have such a sterling reputation. 

Ergonomic Design

Regardless of whether you go with Sparco bucket seats, Sparco reclining seats, or a different line of Sparco seats, the product will feature an ergonomic design that is meant to protect and cradle the driver in order to protect them from the demands of torque and other lateral forces.

Great Support and Comfort

Sparco seats have newly redesigned bolsters in place in order to provide the highest level of support to the driver. Along with great support, the seats also feature state of the art padding configurations to maximize comfort.

Compatible With Other Sparco Products

Not only does Sparco make amazing racing seats, but they also make a variety of other products, including seat harnesses, steering wheels, body armor, and more. If you get Sparco seats for your car, it will perfectly fit a Sparco harness, as well as any other Sparco products.

Sparco Seats for Sale From Vivid Racing

At Vivid Racing, we carry several different lines of Sparco racing seats, giving anyone serious about racing the seat they deserve. To learn more about Sparco seats or other Sparco products, contact Vivid Racing by calling (480) 966-3040.