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SpeedTech High Flow Intake Plenum w/70mm Hard Pipe Kit Porsche 996TT 01-05



Model #996TT-HFP-PPB

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The Automotive Speed Technologies 996 TT fresh air intake plenum and hard inlet pipe kit is designed to enhance the performance of your Porsche 996 TT by allowing fresh air to flow freely to the turbos for quick spool and additional power - very important for modified cars running larger than OEM turbos or running high boost. The system consists of the SpeedTech Hi-Flow intake plenum with 70mm outlet tubes, attached to 70mm molded hard plastic tubes for uniform high flow. Silicon hose is supplied to connect to the turbo inlets. The SpeedTech Hi-Flow plenum is designed to flow more air than the OEM plenum and deliver it quickly and smoothly with no restrictions from the MAF tube all the way to the turbo inlets. A very worthwhile and important upgrade to maximize power for all modified 996 TTs.

SpeedTech Design Advantages:

The lower plastic pipe is 1/4" thick and extremely durable - virtually indestructible. When a plenum and fresh air inlet pipes are installed, these pipes are sandwiched between the motor and the firewall and are exposed to a lot of vibration and chafing. They are also open to the underside of the car. A breach of this pipe at any point, whether from rubbing behind the motor or road debris from underneath the car will result in dust, sand and/or stone being sucked in to your turbos and motor. Since these areas are seldom checked, if ever, a failure will most likely result in unknowingly sucking debris into your motor for an extended period of time or until it causes a catastrophic failure.

SpeedTech firmly believes that this is not an area to take a chance with less durable materials such as some of the "hose designs" or any other thin walled materials which are susceptible to wear, puncture or both. Their piping is considerably thicker than the OEM plastic pipe it replaces, which makes this a significant upgrade in terms of quality, durability and performance. This product offers high, unrestricted air flow, a very uniform and smooth air passage with no abrupt angles or necked down transitions and extremely durable piping behind and under the motor, where it is vital for long term reliability and complete peace of mind.

The SpeedTech Hi Flow Plenum is available in a variety of extremely durable powder coat finishes and can be matched to your car exterior color or any other color you desire for a beautiful show car appearance. This is an exceptionally well designed, high quality upgrade for your Porsche 996 TT.

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Porsche 996 TT/GT2

Who Is SpeedTech?

Founded in 2007, Speed Technologies (also known as SpeedTech) provides quality exhaust parts and accessories specific to Porsche models. The market-specific manufacturer is widely recognized for its personal one-on-one communication and knowledge, which has been used to produce some of the finest Porsche products in the automotive aftermarket. As the industry expands, however, SpeedTech will look to reach out and diversify its product offerings in the aftermarket with proven parts and quality components. Beginning with a 1972 Porsche 911T, SpeedTech has concentrated its efforts on Porsche and looks forward to the future development and expansion of the brand.

What Does SpeedTech Offer?

SpeedTech’s goal is to provide the best-performing products available, combined with superior quality, low cost, and unparalleled customer service. The team at Speed Technologies understands the ins and outs of everything Porsche-related. As Porsche owners and enthusiasts for more than 30 years, the SpeedTech team has excellent insight as to what constitutes an exceptional exhaust. The result is a comprehensive line of superior performing exhausts for a variety of Porsche models. The brand’s efforts have not been limited to Porsche, however, as SpeedTech has developed numerous performance exhausts for several domestic makes, including Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Pontiac, Dodge, Jeep, Hummer, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, and more!

Why Choose SpeedTech Exhausts?

Years upon years of developing and testing exhaust products have provided SpeedTech with a unique insight as to how to design exhaust systems that both sound and perform exceptionally well. The company spends countless hours assessing and refining the sound attributes of each design to eliminate unwanted noises (i.e. drone) and enhance the best sounds from a vehicle’s motor. Speed Technologies, over the years, has become the leader in providing the daily 700-horsepower-plus daily-driven Porsche 996TT with the proper exhaust and accessories. The result is an expansive series of superior-sounding, high-performance exhausts for a variety of Porsche and other high-end sports cars. Additionally, these systems deliver substantial horsepower and torque gains, along with improved throttle response which is achieved with the free-flowing, unrestrictive straight-through design.

Upgrade to a SpeedTech Exhaust Today

If you want to improve the sound, performance, and appearance of your Porsche or domestic sports car, SpeedTech is the brand you need. SpeedTech exhaust systems boast unsurpassed quality, power gains, and performance with a tantalizing exhaust note. Vivid Racing carries a wide array of SpeedTech products to enhance your driving experience, including catted downpipes, catback exhausts, exhaust tips, catalytic converters, headers, intake manifolds, mufflers, and turbo hoses. If you cannot find what you are looking for above or have fitment questions, please do not hesitate to call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

Warranty: All SpeedTech products are protected by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects or structural failure for the original owner. This excludes catalytic converters which carry a 3 year warranty for the original owner. Our Catalytic converter warranty is for catalytic converter efficiency performance only and does not cover failure or abuse from track, off road or racing events. Any products sold that are manufactured by other companies (such as spark plugs, coils, etc.) offer the warranty from the original manufacturer.

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