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BBS SR | Budget Friendly BBS Wheels!

BBS wheels are among the most iconic and best-known alloy wheel brands on the planet, world-renowned as much for their styles that have influenced generations of copycats and tireless dedication to performance as for their motorsports success.

BBS Wheels are almost always connected to the words die-forged and racing. And the technology that makes BBS wheels make them the ultimate wheel of choice for your prized possessions.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t make wheels for a larger audience.

Coupled with history and pedigree, the BBS SR could be the perfect wheel for your daily driver.

The SR sports a soft radius and contours from the hub to the flange making it a stylish wheel. The design also makes the wheel larger than it is. 

The BBS SR is a one-piece cast alloy wheel that will give your vehicle the look and performance you've been searching for. These stunning 5 spoke wheels will transform your ride into something special.

The SR is under BBS’ Design Line which lets you in on the exclusive world of BBS wheels without the forged wheel entrance fees.

But it is not just a badge. Knowing BBS, they employ an advanced low-pressure casting process to produce the strong foundation of its lightweight alloy wheels. This makes for strong cast wheels with years of reliability.

And being a BBS wheel, the SR is exceptionally strong.

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