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Why Choose SSR Professor SP1 Wheels?

SSR Professor SP1 wheels embody the perfect union of lightweight construction and impressive styling for a one-of-a-kind look and performance. The SP1 features a three piece construction, with an outer rim, inner rim, and the face. This design allows for an expansive selection of offsets and guarantees a flawless fit for your car.

The inner rim is heat-treated or improved strength and durability, through HTM or Heat Treatment Manufacture. This manufacturing technology makes it possible for SSR engineers to create durable, high-performance wheels using thinner materials for weight savings. Overall, the SP1 is a very strong and lightweight wheel. It's simplistic design looks great on pretty much any application!


  • Lightweight 3-piece wheels that feature an inner and outer rim and a center disc.
  • The inner barrel is heat-treated again using HTM for a stronger and lighter build.
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight construction makes it ideal for high-performance cars and heavier vehicles.
  • Comes with a special deep-dish option that offers a more aggressive look
  • Available in three sizes: 18", 19", and 20"
  • Offered in three striking colors: Silver, Flat Black, and White.
  • Disk types: S: (Super Low Disk), NR (Normal Disk), MD (Medium Disk), HP (Hyper Disk)

Make sure to fit your ride with the right set of high-performance wheels such as the SSR Professor SP1 and other wheel accessories here at Vivid Racing. We also have an assortment of other wheel options from numerous popular brands like Gramlights, Advan, Volk Racing, and many more sorted by type of vehicle and size for your ease and convenience!