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Why Installed Strut Bars on your Car?

After installing aftermarket suspension and sticky tires, improving the rigidity of your vehicle’s chassis is one of the best ways to improve handling. Most cars, especially economy or cheap cars, suffer from some amount of chassis flexing. As the chassis moves, so do the suspension mounting points. If your suspension doesn’t have a study mount, it can’t do its job properly, no matter how nice your suspension set up is. Improving chassis rigidity is the entire purpose of any aftermarket strut bar.

What are Strut Bars and How do They Work?

Strut bars are designed to improve the distribution of the load between the vehicle’s left and right strut. To put it simply, your suspension’s upper mounting points can flex under heavy load, which is especially common in high-grip cars. By connecting the left and right strut towers together, all possible flexing is eliminated and the front strut towers stay in place firmly.

Most strut bars connect the left and right strut towers together with a simple bar and two mounting plates. Some strut bars also tie in other parts of your chassis, such as the firewall, to further improve chassis rigidity through the entire front end of your vehicle. The only downside to a strut bar is that it can make accessing some engine bay components more difficult, unless you remove the strut bar.

Why Aftermarket Strut Bars are Important

By reducing strut tower flex, you coilover is more effectively able to absorb bumps in the road. Suspension tuning also becomes much easier, since the chassis is no longer causing handling characteristics to change randomly. This is especially important if you install sticky tires and high spring rate coilovers. For some high-end cars, a strut bar is much less necessary because the strut towers are braced sufficiently in stock form, but for many tuner cars, this is not the case.

If your car doesn’t have a strut bar, you could be missing out on vastly improved handling. Vivid Racing offers performance strut bars for the majority of high-performance cars, from 240SX strut Bars to 350Z strut Bars and more. We also carry Coilovers, Mounts, Bushings, Strut Bars, Sway Bars and more!