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Sun Visors


Sun visors have been used to shield drivers from the sun for a long period of time. Sun visors for automobiles have a roughly rectangular shape. They are restricted by the fact that the visors can only cover the superior portion of the windshield. These sun visors slide axially, providing an adjustable sun visor extension to protect the driver from the dazzle that occurs during the evening and morning hours. The extensions are opaque and lined with the same material as the body of the sun visor. Interior sun visors are critical components of any vehicle because they help block harsh sun rays that enter through the windshield and shield the eyes from the sun's blinding glare. Sun visors promote safe driving by increasing visibility and preventing eye strain and fatigue. Apart from providing comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers, sun visors also contribute to the overall appearance of the interior of the vehicle, combining functionality and aesthetics into one.


Most modern automobiles feature two sun visors, one for the driver and another for the passenger, with the rear-view mirror frequently mounted between the two sun visors. Each visor can be lowered to help reduce the amount of light entering the vehicle through the windshield. Some are designed to be detached from one bracket and angled toward the side window, covering a small portion of the top window and obstructing sunlight shining on the side of the face. Additionally, some current visors can be extended along the side window to block sunlight all the way to the "B" pillar, effectively blocking light for the driver or passenger. The flap, or core, of the sun visor is typically made of pressboard with a piece of metal attached to the mounting bracket. Some sun visors are constructed using molded substrates or polypropylene. Typically, the mounting bracket consists of a metal rod with a slight bend in the middle and a bracket that secures it to the sheet metal above the headliner with screws. The bend in the rod serves to secure the visor flap in place. The visor flap is typically covered in a material that complements the interior of the vehicle. Padding on sun visors became popular as an added layer of protection for passengers. For the passenger's convenience, some sun visors incorporate a vanity mirror. In some instances, a flip-up or sliding cover over the mirror automatically activates vanity lights, which can be dimmed using a dimmer control.


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