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Super Star Wheels

Super Star Wheels by Weds

Established over 3 decades ago, Super Star Wheels is a known premier modular wheel builder in Japan. Super Star Wheels was one of the first Japanese wheel maker and supplier of hand-assembled custom 3-piece modular wheels to international markets. Super Star Wheels proudly represented and demonstrated the legendary Japanese quality and craftsmanship world wide. Now as an subsidiary of Weds Co., LTD. Super Star continues with its fundamental principal of creating high precision and high quality 3-piece modular wheels.

A brand of high-grade three-piece aluminum wheels for European cars was born in 1998 in response to requests from distributers and tuners in the EU, mainly Germany. It also proposes a new value of "three-piece structure and chrome plating" to the European wheel market, consisting of a one-piece structure and silver paint, repeated presentations. For this reason, it is possible to handle a wide range of vehicles ranging from high-end saloons to sports cars and SUVs for European vehicles that require a variety of mounting PCDs. Imported from Japan, the Leon Hardiritt series by Superstar Wheel Inc, was created specifically for the styling enthusiast. Leon Hardiritt series are offered in many available sizes with custom widths, offsets, and colors. Your vehicle will be in a class of its own with these unique custom wheels.

WEDS’ Advanced Metal Forming Technology

In AMF, first of all, it has the process of simultaneously casting both rim and disc. And then the cast disc is to be put through a wheel-only spinning processor and roll the rim. Cast into a shape unique to flow-forming. It is molded with stretching as opposed to other products that are cast in with the shape of products. With the application of extensive heat, rim sections are stretched by exclusive spinning equipment.

AMF realizes more flexible and tenacious strength by having aluminum material’s crystal and macro formation get further detailed through being forged in this process. As a result, high-strength rim with “stretch strength,” “durability,” and “spread” which are basic characters required for aluminum wheels, is born. It is now possible to create a high-precision rim that is a seamless tube compared to the type that forms a sheet material into a ring through welding. AMF on the disc surface usually is cast, it keeps design-flexibility, but it contributes to the reduction of unsprung load because the rim-part is spread thin as much as possible by spinning machine. Such a new method of manufacturing process method is AMF which has the merit of both casting and forging. AMF has newly created the WedsSport brand concept “Faster, Safer.” New generation technology improved in motorsports enters the scene with superb performance.

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Why Should I Install Aftermarket Wheels?

  • Aftermarket wheels have been engineered to be lightweight, so these see the primary use in motorsports.
  • A lighter wheel reduces un-sprung weight, resulting in faster acceleration and significantly improved handling.
  • A larger wheel allows space for much larger brake rotors and calipers—usually a must when a car is built to race.
  • A larger wheel is more attractive in design compared to dull stock wheels.

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