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Why Install Suspension Limiting Straps?

Are you the type of truck or owner who likes wheeling on the weekends? Not just basic trail riding, but really hitting the hard? If you are, then you might be aware how little it takes to damage your suspension system. Just a full-droop or two and you’ve ripped a shock in half or broken your suspension mounting points or worse.

Suspension limiting straps are especially effective at protecting your vehicle’s suspension parts from potentially disastrous damages during down travel. This gives you that much needed confidence to test the limits of your off-road machine and go further than you have before. Suspension limiting straps are sturdy and flexible and are very cost-effective investments as well. Without suspension limiting straps, it’s pretty easy to overextend your suspension and break things.

What is the Purpose of Suspension Limiting Straps?

In the event that you have made some kind of modification on your vehicle’s suspension system, are using aftermarket shocks, and like to drive in off-road terrains, Finish editing articles 8 and start 9then limiting straps should make for a sound investment. Without limiting straps, your shocks are basically the only thing stopping your suspension’s down travel (aside from suspension geometry limitations.)

A suspension lift kit changes the movement of the suspension system in a vehicle, and many suspension kits improve total suspension travel. It may also overextend the system once a tire or the whole vehicle is airborne. A lot of shock absorbers are equipped with emergency limiting cushions as protection against the occasional jump, however, frequent misuse will rip the piston out of the shock body.

Limiting straps fixed on the vehicle’s frame and the axle or A-arm to stop your suspension from over extending during down travel. This is especially important for long travel vehicles, because they are much less likely to run into geometry limitations before shock limitations.

Do You Need to Use Suspension Limiting Straps?

The need for suspension limiting straps entirely depends on your suspension setup and what you do with your truck or Jeep. If it’s just for roaming around the city streets or taking the kids to school, then the answer is no. Even if you take your truck or Jeep on some light off-roading, suspension limiting straps are still probably not necessary. Unless you’re prerunning or hitting the trails very hard, suspension limiting straps are probably not necessary for your application.

Any off-road vehicles which regularly use their full amount of down-travel will massively benefit from limiting straps. and. Again, without limiting straps, you’ll eventually end up ripping a shock absorber in half or worse. With all that being said, suspension limiting straps are your best protection against full-droops. Not to mention they look good and don’t protect you from costly suspension repairs too!

Our high-quality, racing grade suspension limiting straps can effectively safeguard your vehicle’s axles and suspension parts by preventing overextension. Vivid Racing has over a hundred suspension limiting straps products from different popular brands in the market that you can choose from. We carry Coilovers, Mounts, Bushings, Strut Bars, Sway Bars and more!