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Performance Coilovers and Adjustable Coilovers

Coilovers are a great addition to any vehicle. A coilover works in conjunction with your suspension, allowing you to change the height of your ride. These adjustable coilovers give your car a lower center of gravity, improving its overall look and feel while allowing you to take turns at a higher speed.

Whether you’re geared toward performance or just want a little more fun on your morning commute, a coilover kit will improve your driving experience. Check out our selection of high-quality coilovers below.

Why Install Aftermarket Coilovers?

Aftermarket coilovers improve the look and handling of any vehicle. An aftermarket coilover reduces the ride height while decreasing how much the body of the car moves. 

Not all coilovers are created equal. Some are very basic and do the bare minimum, while others have innovative features that can drastically improve the way your car handles, accelerates, and looks.

Understanding Coilover SuspensionBasics

Aftermarket coilovers are fundamentally similar to the OEM struts you’ll find on many vehicles. With that said, an aftermarket coilover is typically lighter, smaller and more adjustable – and offers better overall performance than an OEM strut.

Most OEM suspension systems are designed to offer great ride quality.To ensure a smooth ride, OEM struts typically use low spring rates and very gentle damping. Unfortunately, soft springs and gentle damping provide pretty poor performance if you’re trying to go fast, and that is when coilovers enter the equation. Coilovers allow you to maintain a high level of performance for your vehicle, even when driving at speed.

What Is in a Coilover Kit?

A coilover kit is pretty compact compared to old-school spring and shock suspension systems, as it typically consists of a spring, damper and top-hat. Below, we provide a brief description of each component:


The springs prevent the base of the vehicle from bottoming out while also providing support for your wheels. 


The damper helps keep your ride smooth. There are two different types of dampers, which will be explored in detail below.


The top-hat covers the struts that work to keep the spring contained.

What Are the Different Types of Coilover Springs?

On the surface, it may appear all springs are the same. However, you can choose a coilover with either linear or progressive springs.

Most high-end and track-oriented racing coilovers will use linear springs, as the constant spring rate of linear springs creates very predictable handling when pushing your car to the limits. Progressive springs, on the other hand, are generally better for street use.

With progressive springs, the suspension will start out very soft and begin to stiffen as the suspension compresses. This allows for lower spring rates andmuch better ride quality, while still providing the superb handling you expect from coilover suspension kits.

To put it simply, unless you’re installing coilovers on a dedicated track car, progressive springs are the better option.

What Are the Different Types of Damper?

One of the main components of any coilover is the damper. Without any damping, your suspension can compress and decompress freely, resulting in a bouncy ride and very poor handling. Performance coiloverstypically come with two different types of dampers, a Twin-Tube or Monotube.

Twin-Tube Damper

On most coilovers you’ll find the twin-tube design. This type of damping uses an inner and outer tube. The inner tube holds the piston shaft, valve and oil, while the outer tube holds damper oil and nitrogen gas. This design allows for more suspension stroke without increasing the height of the body, providing better ride quality.

Mono-Tube Damper

Very high-performance coilovers use a mono-tube design, which holds everything in one tube and separates components with a floating piston. Although this design is simpler than the twin-tube design, it allows for bigger and stronger parts, better heat dissipation and quicker response.

Adjustable Coilovers

When compared to an OEM suspension system, one of the biggest benefits of an aftermarket coilover is the adjustability. With height adjustment, spring rate adjustment, and damping adjustment, you have the ability to fine-tune your car for your style of driving and any vehicle modifications. Some coiloversoffer minimal adjustments, while others offer a lot.

Purchase Premium Coilovers and More From Vivid Racing

Aside from coilovers, Vivid Racing also offers a variety of performance suspension components, including leaf springs, lowering springs, air suspension kits, shocks & struts and more. If you are interested in customizing your ride, we have got you covered! To learn more, contact us today by calling (480) 966-3040.