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Takata Harness

Takata Racing is a leading company that, by creating revolutionary product concepts that set improved security and fashion expectations, remains at the forefront of the motorsports market’s technology. By putting a close emphasis on meeting the ever-changing desires of motorsports enthusiasts worldwide, the business has made its way to growth. You can rely on Takata Racing for first-class items that give you the finest degree of consistency and artistry, from seats and harness belts to be used in road and car racing to eye bolts, anti-sub straps, tow belts, and more.

Takata Seats and Harness’ Objective

The company’s goal to implement the new safety innovations to help reduce crash deaths to zero is what places it above the others. Takata developed the first Multi-Point Buckle (MPB) in 1966, a complete brace that was developed to guarantee the driver’s safety and further increase the comfort of the driver. The company has never stopped extending its product portfolio since that time. A new product collection of DRIFT and RACE harnesses is available from Takata along with MPB items from Japan's Takata Racing division (Europe).

The Takata harnesses are sold with different installation choices. Bolting securely to the original OEM seat belt anchor points is the safest option in most situations, but eye-bolts and snap-hook hardware are appropriate methods as well. Follow the guidelines for implementation or have a qualified professional do the job.

Any harness device designed for sports use must be mounted in a fully prepared vehicle. The whole vehicle must be addressed, including interior nets, harness anchorages, roll cage, proper race seat and mountings, and fire suppression systems. As these five-point styles raise the risk of soft tissue injuries and often appear to induce higher levels of chest compression in incidents, the use of five-point (single crotch strap) versions is unacceptable.

Takata 4-Point Racing Harness 2 Seater

Takata 4-Point Racing Harness 2 Seater When high precision driving arises first, the 3" wide racing harness built for installing in a 2-seater car is the racing gear of choice. Protective gear works seamlessly with a cam lock buckle system, eye bolt attachment clamps, belt length adjusters, and four short eye bolts for quick loading and unloading. Takata Racing Harness is the best in Japan!

Takata Drift II Bolt-In Racing Harness

Typically, the Bolt-On variant bolts to the new factory mounting points for the front lap belts. Specifically, the shoulder belts install either on the rear "D" and "E" lap belt mounting positions, or they can be placed tightly into a roll-cage or harness strip. The attachment brackets of the lap belt Bolt-On are sewn onto the lap belts. Using the 3-bar adjusters issued, the shoulder belt attachment brackets may be extracted to wrap the shoulder belts in a harness bar or roll bar, provided in green or black.

Takata Formula 6 Racing Harness

As used in numerous model cars, designs, and kit cars, the FORMULA 6 is a 6-point FIA authorized harness for reclined or space-limited possible directions. By D-Rings on the lap belts, the routing of the crotch belts so that there is no equipment between both the driver's thighs in the narrow confines of the cabin.

The company has always done everything to produce goods that blend protection with cutting-edge technology, motivated by a bizarre determination to defend you in almost every sort of motorsport action. Takata 4-point harnesses implement state-of-the-art Takata ASM engineering, a hallmark of engineering greatness, which reduces the chance of falling under the lap belt throughout emergency braking or frontal collisions. The Takata DRIFT Series harness belts are exceptional in their capacity to mount the current stock seat belt mounting points safely in passenger cars without compromising the factory seat belts’ function. Both harness belts from the DRIFT Series satisfy US FMVSS requirements and are authorized for use in all U.S. states.

Takata Race Series belts are produced to the current FIA specifications and are suitable for use in a multitude of racing conditions. Both harness belts are made of top-grade polyester webbing that offers unparalleled resistance to acids and UV rays and does not retain water, resulting in exceptional efficiency of the harness belt, regardless of temperature or climate conditions. It helps to hold the webbing smooth, particularly woven in monofilaments, thus enabling the peak load to stretch over the webbing’s full width. The company even takes great pride in giving both track-bound and street vehicles a complete line of first-rate seats. The blend of safety and elegance brings Takata Racing seats to completely new dimensions. In any way, they look beautiful and make drivers feel relaxed behind the wheel.

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