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Why Upgrade to TE37 Large PCD Wheels?

In the world of high-performance street and race cars, the Volk Racing TE37 is the go-to wheel for many enthusiasts. Of course, the standard TE37 can only fit so many applications, and the rise of popularity in off-road trucks presented a new opportunity for Volk Racing. This is where the TE37 Large PCD comes into play. Where the standard TE37 is designed for street cars and race cars, the TE37 Large PCD is specifically designed for use in trucks and SUVS.

Just like the standard TE37, the TE37 large PCD uses a mold-form forged construction, which is significantly stronger than standard forged wheels. The Mold-Form process is different than the standard forging process, because the shape of the wheel is creating during the forging process. By creating the shape of the wheel during the forging process, the grain of the metal flows with the shape of the wheel, resulting in much greater strength. After creating the initial forging, a massive machine applies upwards of 10,000 tons of force to the inner and outer rim to create the desired shape.


  • Made for high-performance Sports Utility Vehicles and Trucks
  • Features a sleek machined logo
  • Mold-form forged construction
  • Lightweight and very strong

Aside from the TE37 Large PCD, Vivid Racing also has a large catalog of wheels, including brands such as GramLights, Volk Racing, Advan and many more!