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There are different kinds of tents that can either protect your car or protect you during an adventurous weekend. Vivid Racing ha a myriad selection from hinge sets, shelter tents, to full adventure mode rooftop tents.

As we all know, a portable shelter tent is essentially for car shows. Or for beaches if you don’t want your car getting hot. It can also be brought to weekends if you travel with a relatively large group. But if you want a shade just for you and not carry such a large portable shelter, an awning is all you need. If you want to go full adventure, then it might be wise to consider rooftop tents.

Why Should I Consider Installing Rooftop Tents?

Vivid Racing is not all about racing in the track. Sometimes, it also means racing to the hills and forests to have a good time. Camping has been an American culture since time immemorial. But camping isn’t all about fishing rods, s’mores, and beer. You have to have a place to sleep and store your stuff, too. A tent.

In the olden days, tents are erected using wood or metal rods. They are quite cumbersome to assemble. And they are harder to put back when camping is over. But in this day and age, there are now tents that fold flat on top of your SUV or truck. They are easy to erect when camping, and easy to stow when it is time to go. One of the newest innovations in vehicle accessories are also one of the most exciting: rooftop tents.

Rooftop tents are essentially part tent and part tree house. They are an intriguing alternative to traditional tents that you see pitched at most car campgrounds. Rooftop tents initially became popular with overland adventurers who wanted to stay off the ground and away from predators as they explored the Australian Outback. What better place to have an adventure and get lost, right? Nevertheless, the comfort and simple setup have made campers want rooftop tents everywhere. Just attach a tent to your vehicle's roof rack and you can deploy it almost instantly by unfolding and extending the ladder. This makes camping on trails, on established or scattered sites, and just about anywhere else you can park a breeze.

Advantages of a Rooftop Tent over a Normal Tent

The most obvious great advantage rooftop tents hold over traditional tents is that you can set up camp just about anywhere. Is the ground soft and muddy? Is your trailhead parking lot made of large, sharp chunks of rock? You’re high above it all. And if the ground is uneven, a few carefully placed chunks of wood under your tires can level your vehicle—and your tent.

You’ll also be high above curious animals—large and small—that might walk by your tent in the night. It’s kind of like being in a tree fort that comes with a soft foam mattress and a watertight roof. Not so bad.


  • Easy setup: Simply undo a few straps, pop it open and secure a few things.
  • Made to withstand stormy weather while also including creature comforts like a foam mattress.
  • Camp anywhere: Find a place to park and you've found a place to pitch it.

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