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Thermostats and Housings

Thermostats and Housings | High-Quality Radiator Parts

Engines in automobiles are built to function in a very restricted temperature range. It is no surprise that severe damage can ensue if that temperature is surpassed and an engine overheats. You might be startled to learn that there is another side to the argument. If an engine runs too cold, it might be damaged, and its performance and mileage will suffer.

Every car has a thermostat, which is a specific mechanism that controls the operating temperature of the engine to avoid damage and maintain good performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

Where is the thermostat located?

The thermostat is mounted at the water outlet where the top radiator hose is connected in almost every car. A heat-detecting device is exposed to coolant in the thermostat. To permit the vehicle to warm up as quickly as possible, it inhibits coolant flow via the radiator.

The thermostat opens and enables the coolant to flow when the engine heats and the coolant reaches the thermostat's regulated temperature. When the coolant temperature dips, the thermostat closes, reducing coolant flow and allowing the engine to retain its optimal performance and horsepower.

What happens when the thermostat fails?

When a thermostat malfunctions, it might become stuck in the open or closed state. If it malfunctions in the closed state, it will impede coolant flow. The engine will overheat, potentially resulting in severe damage such as a bursting head gasket, cylinder head warpage, and high-stress levels on other engine parts such as rings, pistons, and cylinder walls.

The engine will take a long time to warm up if the thermostat fails to open, and it may never achieve the optimum operating temperature. This can cause inadequate heater output in cold temperatures and performance, fuel economy, and emissions issues.

Why is it important to maintain your cooling system?

The engine coolant temperature is a critical input to the powertrain control module (PCM), which governs engine operation. Low coolant temperature may prohibit the engine from entering closed loop mode, which runs most effectively. The air/fuel combination may remain rich, leading to low fuel mileage and high emissions.

Coolant temperature affects the operations of evaporative emissions, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and gearbox torque converter lockup. When an engine is cold, the moisture produced as a byproduct of combustion may never evaporate, contaminating the oil and causing sludge to accumulate.

Wide Selection of Thermostat and Housing Components

We offer the replacement thermostat that will restore optimum cooling system performance and engine running efficiency, whatever the mechanism of failure of your thermostat. Always use a thermostat with the temperature rating suggested by the car manufacturer when replacing it. We also have the necessary gaskets and seals for setup complementing thermostats.

If the thermostat housing or water outlet is cracked, rusted, or otherwise broken and useless, we have OE standard replacements available to help you finish the job.

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