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Tie Rods

Why Are Tie-Rods Important?

A tie rod is a device that links the steering knuckle of your car to the steering rack on the front wheel. The adjusting sleeve encircles the outer and inner ends of the tie. When you rotate your steering wheel, it activates the movement of the entire mechanism. The rods pull or push the wheel and turn it around. Since you're going to find it virtually impossible to drive your vehicle if you can't turn the steering wheel, it's not long before you realize how vital the maintenance of your tie rods can be.

Made of high-strength steel, the tie rod is a slender, two-part cylindrical structure. Consisting of the inner and outer end, the outer section is called the tie rod’s end. While the rack and pinion system and the recirculating ball system operate differently, both systems use a tie rod to connect the steering rack to the steering arm attached to the steering wheel. Tie rods are crucial for your steering system. Simply put, your car can't be driven without tie rods. Serving as the pivot point between the steering rack, the steering arm, and the steering wheel, tie rods not only help you move your wheels when you're driving, they make it possible to turn.

Check Your Tie-Rods

  • First, keep a watchful eye on the wear and tear to your tires. If the tread on your front wheels seems to be wearing out faster than the remainder of your tread, this could mean that your wheel camber is off-kilter.
  • Suppose your wheel makes a squeaking or squealing noise in the front when you turn the wheel. The sound is high-pitched and hard to miss. While the noise could be from a faulty ball joint, it’s worth looking to rule out a malfunctioning tie rod just the same.
  •  If you find that your steering capabilities seemed weak or shaky, like a loss in the connection between turning the steering wheel and the tires moving, this is another vital sign that your tie rod is about to give up.

Proper Tie-Rod Maintenance

  • When you change your oil, make sure you clean off and grease the tie rods’ ends to remove debris and extend their longevity.
  • Suppose you practice maintenance habits now by regularly cleaning and lubricating the tie rods on your vehicle. In that case, you can not only prevent road emergencies but help make these components last much longer.

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