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Aftermarket Torque Converters: Are They Worth It?

Cars with automatic transmissions are just as vulnerable as cars with manual transmissions to drivetrain errors. It's because there are multiple elements in the two transmission networks that have the same roles. In an automatic transmission, for example, imagine the torque converter. In a manual transmission, it is the equivalent of the clutch. That said, the signs of a broken converter need to be remembered, many of which are rubbing noises or decreasing engine performance. A torque converter breakdown can also result from metal filings in the transmission fluid. If you experience some of these indications in your car, you can find excellent replacement torque converters here at Vivid Racing.

A fluid coupling system that transports engine power to the automatic transmission is a torque converter. It performs the same function as the clutch in a manual transmission car, in that it helps the motor begin to work when the vehicle is forced to a stop when in gear; other than that, the torque converter performs so without the driver taking any effort. What renders the transmission automatic is the torque converter and the transmission components that cause it to move by itself.

The torque converter's role is similar to 2 face-to-face electric fans, with only one switched on. Airflow from the operated fan will, with no mechanical linkage, transform the turbines of the other fan. The torque converter's impeller is connected to the engine's crankshaft, which offers strength like the driven fan, except that transmission fluid rather than air is the carrier within the torque converter.

Where to Locate the Torque Converter?

The torque converter framework is mounted to a flex plate fixed to the engine's crankshaft, and the converter is located within the front section of the automatic transmission device. The impeller is in the back of the housing, supporting the engine and opposite the rotor in the housing front, also called the pump. The impeller and turbine are positioned between another part called a stator. There are also angled blades on both the impeller and the turbine.

Symptoms of a Failing Torque Converter

Check Engine Light

An illuminated engine control light means issues with the engine's power generation or output. Besides that, with the transmission, a blinking overdrive light indicates something is different. The torque converter may activate one or both dashboard lights as the connection between the motor and the transmission.

Gear Shifting Issues

Since a broken torque converter cannot accurately transfer the engine's power output, the transmission system will have difficulty in determining the correct gear setting to use at certain driving conditions. This phenomenon can cause your transmission to slip out of gear or delay a shift.

Increased Fuel Consumption

An inexplicable spike in fuel consumption could signify that the torque converter is not working as it should be. If the torque converter is damaged, the engine could overwork itself and cause a sudden increase in fuel use.


High revolutions per minute (RPMs) and contaminated ATF can increase the engine's friction, torque converter, and transmission. The presence of additional friction in these parts can cause overheating while the car is running.

We have the appropriate torque converter required to preserve proper automatic transmission service, no matter what you're operating on or what type of torque converter issues you're having. We sell torque converters built according to OE requirements, so you can rely on the transmission output your car was built to provide when repairs are done. In connection to torque converters, mounting bolts, bushings, torque converter repair sleeves, and torque converter bolts are also available.

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