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Tow Hooks And Tie Downs

High-Quality Tow Hooks and Tie Downs

Racecars may have the absolute best-designed component to prevent the track from breaking down and breaking, crashes are part of the experience. It needs to be gone from the incident in no time if a vehicle is not road worthy. The emergency crew's goals are to ensure the health and safety of the drivers and tow an untreatable car out of the way as early as possible, so it is a side issue to try not to harm the ride further while trying to hook up. The experimentation of locating a good connection spot is taken out by a dedicated racing tow hook, saving both your car and valuable time when clearing the track.

Tow hooks are simple devices that you can mount to your vehicle so that you can easily pull it. Tow hooks are used to tow vehicles from the middle of the road and it is usually a much safer option to use one or more of them than the option to mount the tow chains or straps right on the suspension, bumpers, and wheels axles.

When it refers to pulling a car, some of the only positions made to survive the full strength of the car being dragged along are the appropriate placement on the frame where these tow hooks go through. When correctly mounted, tow hooks could go a long way to avoid damage to all automobiles and take steps to ensure that you can take your vehicle to security.

Tow hooks are also useful in any scenario of vehicle recovery. We usually apply to the process of moving a broken down or stranded vehicle to another location when we speak about vehicle recovery.

With a tow hook and regular towing chains, bars, or straps, simple rescue missions, such as retrieving a damaged vehicle trapped in the middle of the lane, for example, can be easily performed. You may also use one or more tow hooks with recovery straps to bring out a vehicle trapped in mud or deep snow, based on the location.

Tow hooks are often intended to reduce sway and vibration, which may contribute to vehicle damage again. Your car could have a tow hook in the trunk already, and if it doesn't, then you can quickly get a performance tow hook that will be the great candidate for the tow hook system you choose to use.

Pintle Tow Hook

The pintle hook is one typical type of tow hook built for a tow vehicle, and you'll often encounter them tied down to a trailer at the rear of a truck or a big vehicle. As with grab hooks, pintle hooks often have latches or jaw clip structures that firmly keep the trailer's lunette ring in place. For heavy-duty pulling, pintle hooks and hitches are made, but they are a lot larger and heavier than other flexible tow hooks.

Grab Tow Hook

Grab hooks are equipped for heavy-duty applications and are also sometimes related to as mount tow hooks. Therefore, four-wheel drive vehicles and heavy-duty trucks are also used by them. Double grab hooks are built to be sturdy and flexible, and most of them comply with a lock to hold the hook in place as the car is pulled over rough surfaces. Grab hooks are also helpful for towing across a stranded vehicle on the lane, just like other kinds of tow hooks.

Racing Tow Hook

Finally, on racing vehicles or other identical kinds of sports vehicles, you might be seeing a racing tow hook. Racing tow hooks are just as much a fashion item as an essential feature, and you will always find them sporting a carefully created anodized coating to match the paint color of the vehicle.

In a range of applications, we have vehicle-specific and universal tow hooks. These are equipped to bolt-on or mount into the default mounting positions for particular models. You can find the perfect hold down approach among our universal products if you are planning your high-performance American car for racing activities or planning on a specialty venture. With one or more mounting holes, length customizable brackets, customized side mount, 90-degree brackets, and end mounts, we accommodate fixed and folding tow hooks. These days, you can appreciate the advantages of a removable structure popular in factory-built race cars, which slides out of the way when not necessary.

Every tow hook here in our shop is made of durable metals such as aluminum and high tensile steel. Such components have an exposed position, which indicates that environmental factors and debris are under attack. They are completed with protection against corrosion to ensure that your hooks do not corrode due to rain, mud, and road salt, while eye-catching colors make them easily noticeable. These products may come in handy every day even if most of them are used on the race track. If you are caught in traffic or an off-road environment, they provide a comfortable location for a tow truck technician to hook on and pull you out, while also supplying an implementation to attach tie-down straps when transferring your ride on a trailer.

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