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Who Is TPC Racing?

Founded in 1988, TPC Racing is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier maintenance, service, tuning, and modification center dedicated solely to Porsche sports cars. This long-time focus on one automaker has led TPC Racing to become widely recognized experts in all things Porsche-related. With more than 30 years of Porsche racing, service, and R&D behind them, the TPC Racing team is at the forefront of the Porsche high-performance industry.

TPC Racing offers a comprehensive list of products and services ranging from oil changes and alignments to custom-built engines/forced-induction systems and full-blown racecars. Since its inception more than three decades ago, TPC Racing remains committed to the development and advancement of Porsche sports cars.

The company boasts a championship-winning experience that is drawn upon when developing its quality parts. The TPC Racing team is comprised of enthusiasts and professional engineers whose goal is to translate their ingenuity and extensive know-how from the daily driver to the IMSA race teams. The staff takes great pride in being able to utilize the capabilities of some of the greatest cars ever built. 

TPC Racing Background

TPC Racing has its roots in the IMSA Supercar Series of the late 1980s and early 1990s, where team owner and driver Mike Levitas managed the turbocharger programs that gave the fire-breathing Nissan 300ZX, Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo, Lotus Turbo Esprit and Consulier GTPs their extraordinary power. By combining a lifetime of business experience, technical know-how, and automotive enthusiasm, Mike Levitas has managed to extend the engineering of Porsche race cars – known to be some of the most advanced and well-regarded machines ever built.

After climbing the ranks of Porsche Club Racing from 1992, Mike Levitas and TPC Racing ascended to Motorola Cup action in 1999, driving both Mercedes sedans and Porsches. In 2000, TPC Racing began entering races under its own banner and dominated the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series. The team was very successful, winning more than 20 times in class and claimed an unprecedented 1-2-3-4- sweet of a major driver’s championship. In fact, the championship-winning #36 car never finished a race off the podium.

TPC Racing Today

To this day, TPC Racing remains active in the Porsche community where the team first laid down roots more than 25 years ago. The company continues to use the team’s professional, club racing, and street Porsche vehicles to develop engine and suspension components for its partners. TPC Racing still boasts an aggressive engineering program that is focused on building powerful superchargers, and responsive shocks and dampers for professional and club sports cars. As TPC Racing itself said, “[we are keeping] performance-hungry Porsche owners fed a steady diet of racing-derived aftermarket parts.”

Find TPC Racing Parts Here

If you want race-proven parts for your Porsche, look no further than TPC Racing. Vivid Racing carries a number of TPC products, including turbo (conversion) kits, intercoolers, and supercharger kits for several different Porsche models. If you have any questions regarding the parts above or would like to learn more about TPC Racing and what it can do for you, please reach out to us at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to taking your Porsche sports car to the next level.