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TPC Supercharger Kit Porsche 964 993 90-98


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Model #TPC-993/964-SC

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TPC Supercharger Kit Porsche 964/993 90-98

Looking for the ultimate upgrade for your 1990-1998 Porsche 964/993?

The TPC Racing 993/964 Supercharger Kit, features over 100 bolt-on horsepower. The 993/964 Supercharger Kit utilizes the Eaton, positive displacement supercharger mounted atop our own cast intake manifold to generate 50% more power.

Why a supercharger?
The answer is very simple. A positive displacement supercharger provides lag-free performance at lower boost without the need for internal engine modifications. The end result, an affordable, reliable, high-yield, performance upgrade available for those seeking high-performance and every-day reliability.

The Optional TPC Racing Intercooler kit adds 40 horsepower to the already powerful 993/964 Supercharger Kit. The all new TPC Intercooler kit enables you to safely experience the full power of the 993/964 TPC Racing Supercharger Kit.(Please select option below.)

-The TPC Racing Supercharger Kit is designed to work with a completely stock engine. No internal modifications are necessary.

-The TPC Racing Supercharger Kit does not compromise reliability & driveability. In fact, the additional torque produced at lower engine revolutions enhances the everyday driveability, enabling higher gear selections around town.

-You can expect acceleration to rival factory-built turbocharged vehicles without the lag normally associated with turbocharged cars. The TPC Racing Supercharger kit will transform your 964/993 in to a completely different animal!

-The TPC Racing Supercharger Kit is a "Bolt-On" installation process which requires no permanent adaptation. While we would love to install the TPC Racing Supercharger Kit in our full-service facility in Maryland, we realize this is not always possible. Therefore, any competent technician specializing in the 993/964 should be able to perform the installation process. Detailed instructions and technical support is provided to all installers. Technicians or service facilities interested in becoming licensed installers should contact TPC Racing for more information.

993 Supercharger Kit:
-includes Uni-Q
-96-98 Requires: 993 110 128 11 throttle body and 993 110 367 04 hose OEM Parts

964 Supercharger Kit:
-includes Uni-Q
89-90 Requires: 964 110 128 00 throttle body(manual trans) or 964 110 128 30 throttle body (tiptronic) and 964 110 367 00 hose OEM Parts

For Installation Manual CLICK HERE

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Porsche 964

Porsche 993 C2/C4

Porsche 993 GT2

Porsche 993 Targa

Porsche 993 Turbo

TPC Racing is the Mid-Atlantic's premier maintenance, service, tuning and modification center dedicated solely to Porsche sports cars. This long time focus on only one make has enabled them to become experts in Porsche service, tuning, and racing.

TPCRacing has its roots in the IMSA Supercar Series of the late 1980’s and early 1990s, where team owner and driver Mike Levitas managed the turbocharger programs that gave the fire-breathing Nissan 300ZX, Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo, Lotus Turbo Esprit and Consulier GTPs their prodigious power. By combining a lifetime of automotive enthusiasm, business experience and technical skill with advanced aeronautical training and certifications, Levitas has managed to extend the engineering of some of the most advanced and well-regarded machines in existence – Porsche race cars.

After climbing the Porsche Club Racing ranks starting in 1992, Levitas and TPCRacing ascended to Motorola Cup action in 1999, driving a mix of Mercedes sedans and Porsches. In 2000, TPCRacing began entering races under its own banner, and since has scaled the heights of the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, winning more than 20 times in class and claiming an unprecedented 1-2-3-4 sweep of a major driver’s championship.

To this day, TPCRacing remains active in the Porsche community where the team laid down roots, and uses the team’s professional, club racing and street Porsches to develop engine and suspension components for its partners. TPCRacing has an aggressive engineering program, focused on developing powerful superchargers and responsive shocks and dampers for professional and club sport cars, keeps performance-hungry Porsche owners fed a steady diet of racing-derived aftermarket parts.

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