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H&R Trak+ | 5/120 | 72.5 | Bolt | 12x1.5 | 12mm | DR Wheel Spacer BMW 325i E46 01-06



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Wider is Better®! H&R TRAK+® Wheel Spacers move your wheels and tires outwards so they are more flush with the fender-instantly giving your vehicle the perfect stance. High end sports car manufacturers use every millimeter of fender space available in their design for the best looks and highest performance and so should you. With TRAK+® you can fill the gap in your fenders and GO WIDE!

TRAK+® Wheel Spacers are manufactured from a special proprietary alloy specifically developed for H&R that is lighter and has a higher tensile strength than 6061-T6 billet aluminum. H&R TRAK+® Wheel Spacers are hubcentric and feature a full contact hub-just like the factory hub-for even load force distribution and lateral support.

Select applications now also available in black hard anodized.


  • Widen vehicle track with TRAK+® Wheel Spacers
  • Perfect fit hubcentric design
  • Durable lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Bolt Pattern: 5/120
  • Center Bore: 72.5
  • Thread Type: 12x1.5
  • Spacer Type: DR
  • Width: 12mm
  • Bolt Type


1.  BMW
  • BMW 1-Series
    • BMW 128i E82 08-up
    • BMW 128i Cabrio E88 08-up
    • BMW 135i E82 08-up
    • BMW 135i Cabrio E88 08-up
    • BMW 135is E82 13-up
  • BMW 3-Series
    • BMW 318i E36 92-98
    • BMW 318i Cabrio E36 Cabrio 93-99
    • BMW 318is E36 92-98
    • BMW 318ti E36 Compact 95-98
    • BMW 323Ci E46 99-05
    • BMW 323i E46 99-05
    • BMW 323i Sport Wagon E46 00-05
    • BMW 325Ci E46 99-05
    • BMW 325Ci Cabrio E46 01-06
    • BMW 325Ci Convertible E93 Cabrio 06-up
    • BMW 325i E46 99-05
    • BMW 325i E36 92-98
    • BMW 325i Cabrio E36 Cabrio 92-98
    • BMW 325i Sedan E90 06
    • BMW 325i Sport Wagon E91 06-up
    • BMW 325i Sport Wagon E46 00-05
    • BMW 325is E36 92-98
    • BMW 325xi E46 01-05
    • BMW 325xi Sedan E90 06
    • BMW 325xi Sport Wagon E91 06
    • BMW 325xi Sport Wagon E46 01-05
    • BMW 328Ci E46 99-05
    • BMW 328Ci Convertible E93 Cabrio 06-up
    • BMW 328i E46 99-05
    • BMW 328i E36 92-98
    • BMW 328i Cabrio E36 Cabrio 92-98
    • BMW 328i Coupe E92 07-up
    • BMW 328i Sedan E90 07-11
    • BMW 328i Sport Wagon E91 06-up
    • BMW 328is E36 92-98
    • BMW 328xi Coupe E92 07-up
    • BMW 328xi Sedan E90 07-12
    • BMW 328xi Sport Wagon E90 07-12
    • BMW 330Ci E46 99-05
    • BMW 330Ci Cabrio E46 01-06
    • BMW 330Ci Convertible E93 Cabrio 06-up
    • BMW 330i E46 99-05
    • BMW 330i Sedan E90 06
    • BMW 330xi E46 01-05
    • BMW 330xi Sedan E90 06
    • BMW 335Ci Convertible E93 Cabrio 06-up
    • BMW 335d Sedan E90 08-11
    • BMW 335i Coupe E92 07-up
    • BMW 335i Sedan E90 07-11
    • BMW 335is Coupe E92 07-up
    • BMW 335xi Coupe E92 07-up
    • BMW 335xi Sedan E90 07-12
  • BMW 5-Series
    • BMW 525i E34 90-95
    • BMW 525i E60 04-07
    • BMW 525xi Sedan E60 04-10
    • BMW 528e E28 82-88
    • BMW 528i E60 08-10
    • BMW 530i E60 04-07
    • BMW 530i E34 93-95
    • BMW 530xi Sedan E60 04-10
    • BMW 530xi Wagon E61 04-10
    • BMW 535i E28 82-88
    • BMW 535i E60 08-10
    • BMW 535i E34 89-95
    • BMW 535is E28 82-88
    • BMW 535xi Sedan E60 04-10
    • BMW 535xi Wagon E61 04-10
    • BMW 540i E34 93-95
    • BMW 545i E60 04-06
    • BMW 550i E60 06-10
  • BMW 6-Series
    • BMW 633i E24 83-90
    • BMW 635i E24 83-90
    • BMW 645Ci E63 04-11
    • BMW 645Ci Convertible E64 05-11
    • BMW 650i Convertible E64 05-11
    • BMW 650i Coupe E63 04-11
  • BMW 7-Series
    • BMW 730i E38 95-01
    • BMW 730iL E38 95-01
    • BMW 733i E23 83-87
    • BMW 735i E32 88-94
    • BMW 735iL E32 89-94
    • BMW 740i E38 95-01
    • BMW 740i E32 88-94
    • BMW 740iL E32 89-94
    • BMW 740iL E38 95-01
    • BMW 750i E38 97-01
    • BMW 750iL E38 97-01
    • BMW 750iL E32 88-94
  • BMW 8-Series
    • BMW 840Ci E31 90-97
    • BMW 840i E31 90-97
    • BMW 850Ci E31 90-97
    • BMW 850i E31 90-97
  • BMW M-Coupe/M-Roadster Type MRC 98-02
  • BMW M3
    • BMW M3 E46 01-06
    • BMW M3 E36 3.2L 96-99
    • BMW M3 E36 3.0L 94-96
    • BMW M3 E30 88-92
    • BMW M3 Cabrio E93 08-up
    • BMW M3 Cabrio E46 01-06
    • BMW M3 Cabrio E36 Cabrio 94-99
    • BMW M3 Coupe E92 08-up
    • BMW M3 Coupe E92 11-up
    • BMW M3 Sedan E92 11-up
    • BMW M3 Sedan E92 08-up
  • BMW M5
    • BMW M5 E60 05-10
    • BMW M5 E34 90-95
  • BMW M6
    • BMW M6 E64 05-11
    • BMW M6 Cabrio E64 07-10
  • BMW x1 sDrive28i E84 13-up
  • BMW Z3/Z4/Z8
    • BMW Z3 4-cyl Type RC 96-02
    • BMW Z3 6-cyl Type RC 96-02
    • BMW Z4 E85 03-08
    • BMW Z4 M Coupe M85 06-08
    • BMW Z4 M Roadster M85 06-08
    • BMW Z4 sDrive30i E89 09-up
    • BMW Z4 sDrive35i E89 09-up
    • BMW Z4 sDrive35is E89 09-up
    • BMW Z8 E52 00-03


Please view diagram Note 18 above

All DR-Systems require longer wheel bolts. These must be ordered separately. H&R Wheel Spacer Bolts are listed here. When ordering wheel bolts, please follow these guidelines:

a) If possible, name the brand of wheel.

b) New bolts must be longer than the original bolts by the width of the wheel spacer used.

c) The bolt head must be identical to the existing bolt:
Taper 60° End digit 01
Round head for M12/d24 mm, for M14/d28 mm End digit 02
Round head for M12/d26 mm (e.g. OE VAG-wheels) End digit 03
Flat head for Porsche original wheels M14 x 1.5 End digit 06

d) Safety guidelines 

(Minimum number of turns for wheel bolts / nuts):

M12 x 1.25 = 8.0 turns = approx. 10 mm of load bearing shaft length
M12 x 1.50 = 6.5 turns = approx. 10 mm of load bearing shaft length
M12 x 1.75 = 6.5 turns = approx. 12 mm of load bearing shaft length
M14 x 1.25 = 9.0 turns = approx. 12mm of load bearing shaft length
M14 x 1.50 = 7.5 turns = approx. 12 mm of load bearing shaft length
1/2" UNF = 8.0 turns = approx. 11 mm of load bearing shaft length

e) Please ensure that the wheel bolts do not damage any part of the brake system (ABS sensors, etc.). Turn the wheel by hand and check clearance on the inside of the hub. The wheel should rotate freely. (Maximum tolerance for some vehicles is only 2mm -- i.e. Rear Axle Mercedes).

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
BMW 325Ci

About H&R Springs

H&R Springs was founded in the late 1970s by Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen. The pair of them saw the need for improved suspension on the street and shared the belief that, with such, vehicles would have more control and better handling. Both Mr. H and Mr. R had years of professional and personal automotive experience. They used their technical know-how, driving experience, and suspension expertise to build superior quality springs that would create a new look in the automotive world with a “correct vehicle stance.” Mr. H and Mr. R’s commitment to producing a quality product allowed them to obtain TUV certification and the European performance spring market was subsequently born. From the very beginning, Mr. Heine and Mr. Remmen have been leaders and innovators with great influence in the suspension aftermarket; such remains true to this day. 

H&R's Company Growth

Since its inception 50 years ago, H&R Special Springs has been manufacturing the highest quality premium suspension components available on the market. H&R Springs boast proven quality and true performance that can only be obtained through precise, in-house design, innovative technology, and superb attention to detail. These standards define what the H&R Springs brand is all about. With an esteemed automotive heritage, H&R Springs continues its dedication to building performance street suspension components that unleash a vehicle’s true superior handling and ride potential.

Over the years, H&R Springs has developed a diverse and comprehensive line of products and suspension applications for the street. H&R now manufactures four different spring product series, six different coilover product lines, two different Cup Kit lines, a sway bar program, a lightweight line of I.D. Race Springs, and the ever-popular Quick-Safe wheel bolt stud conversions. What’s more, the company also has the largest wheel spacer and adaptor program in the industry. 

Why Choose H&R Springs?

The H&R Springs company philosophy is simple yet effective: To manufacture the best suspension products using the highest grade materials available and backing them with unparalleled customer service. Every H&R suspension application is designed to be vehicle-specific; all of its products are designed to enhance handling potential, personal style, and retain vehicle ride comfort.

H&R Springs has established a solid reputation, heritage of industry respect, and customer confidence thanks to the quality of its products that is second to none. An additional benefit is knowing that H&R parts work right out of the box with no hassle. All H&R products are 100 percent manufactured in Germany and exceed ISO quality assurance standards. Every single component undergoes stringent inspections and rigorous testing to ensure premium performance. H&R Springs’ quality shines not only in its finished product but also in the company’s commitment to customer service and distributor relationships.

Upgrade Your Suspension to H&R Springs

H&R Springs remains an industry leader in high-performance, quality suspension components for the street and track. No matter the application, H&R has become synonymous with consistent, proven suspension performance and quality. If you are looking to take your ride’s suspension to the next level, look no further than H&R Springs. With H&R, you will experience unparalleled performance, an attractive stance, and remarkable ride quality/comfort levels.

Vivid Racing carries a full lineup of H&R products and accessories, including coilovers, camber bolts, electronic lowering kits, lug nuts, mounts, springs, sway bars, wheel bolts, wheel spacers, and more! If you have any questions about H&R Springs or any of its products, please feel free to call our expert parts team at (480) 966-3040.  

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