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Transmission Pans


Automatic transmissions require a transmission pan to contain the entire amount of ATF (automatic transmission fluid). Fluid pressure, lubrication, and cooling are all dependent on that ATF. Apart from playing a critical role in the operation of your vehicle, there are numerous types of transmission pans available in addition to the stock pan. Certain types can actually contribute to the transmission's performance improvement, and other functions include cleaning metal surfaces, inhibiting rust, increasing temperature range, preventing fluid oxidation, and conditioning gaskets. However, all of that ATF must be contained somewhere, which is precisely what the transmission pan is for. Apart from holding ATF, they are designed to protect it from foreign contaminants, collect any dirt or particles in the ATF via the pan's magnet, prevent road debris such as rocks from springing a leak, assist in cooling the ATF before it is returned to the transmission, and prevent any fluid from leaking out.

The average automatic transmission holds approximately 12 quarts of transmission fluid, but transmissions in larger or more powerful vehicles can hold up to 36 quarts. The transmission oil pan contains approximately half of the total amount of transmission fluid, while the remainder is contained within the torque converter and transmission. Transmissions with a larger capacity for ATF also have a greater cooling capacity.


Apart from the stock transmission oil pan, there are additional transmission pans available. Pans are available in a variety of configurations depending on the transmission type, the material used, the fluid capacity, and the cooling options. The majority of automobile manufacturers supply a transmission with a factory-installed steel pan. Steel is extremely durable and resistant to rust, and it is frequently the least expensive option. Stock pans are standard equipment on the majority of vehicles. Additionally, stock pans remain closer to the transmission, which is advantageous for vehicles with lower ground clearance. This protects it from scraping and road debris. In addition, a deep transmission pan enables the transmission to store an extra 2 to 3 quarts of transmission fluid, which is highly recommended when towing or hauling larger vehicles. Apart from extending the time between transmission services, the additional transmission fluid aids in cooling the ATF even further. Moreover, some pans include built-in cooling fins or ridges that aid in heat dissipation by allowing more air to come into contact with the pan, whereas some pans include cooling tubes that run the length of the transmission pan. This allows air to circulate through the tubes while driving, which significantly aids in cooling the ATF.

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