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TredWear Tire Stickers

TredWear’s raised white letter tire inserts allow you to turn any black wall tire into a REAL white letter tire. Never again will you have to fight with tire paint pens and tire markers. Use REAL rubber raised white letter tire kits to make your own white letter tires (patent pending). In seconds, they stick permanently to the side wall of your tire. White Tire Paint pens cannot compare to the performance of TredWear’s rubber letterheads. Whether you're trying to shout about your favorite sports team, advertise your business, or add a nostalgic look to your ride, TredWear offers the ultimate answer. Try your sports car set today and create your own low-profile white letter tires, or add a visual pop to your motorcycle that turns your heads. Dress them up with TredWear Graphics and Lettering Kits.

With sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 1″ for the Deluxe Racing Font, they offer the perfect way to add white letters to tires on whatever you drive. These look great on low profile tires (which are no longer made with raised white letters from the factory), or any size tire you have.

Each kit contains the individual rubber letters needed to letter your tire. Also included is the patented instant adhesive that bonds our letters to your tire. Each custom tire lettering kit will complete a single tire. TredWear offers a superior alternative to tire paint pens and tire markers. Unlike tire paint, their lettering kits will usually last the life of your tire.


  • Long term durability
  • Ideal for special events
  • Quick and easy application and removal using peel and stick technology
  • Ideal for daily driving and harsh environments
  • Application adhesive included with each kit
  • TredWear Rubber Cleaner included with each kit
  • Fits any tire size

These tire letter kits provide a durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tire, making them perfect for daily drivers. TredWear raised rubber kits are fully cleanable - even after 40,000 plus miles of intense driving, and they are guaranteed to be stain-free from normal driving conditions.

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