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Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing Midframe Turbo HP76 M2 A/R 1.44

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Model #TRBNET-11487

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Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing Midframe Turbo HP76 M2 A/R 1.44

Turbocharging an engine opens the flood gates to performance and adds more horsepower and potential than any ?bolt-on you can imagine. Turbonetics is known throughout the industry for their top quality precision turbochargers. Turbonetics experience manufacturing turbocharger systems for industrial applications in the mining industry means they have accumulated the data to manufacture a turbo that will perform under extreme conditions. All of their turbochargers are manufactured with all around efficiency and performance in mind and undergo vigorous testing to ensure maximum performance and reliability are attained.

Mid frame turbochargers are the absolute largest units with T4 flange! Featuring Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing as a standard equipment, Mid frame turbochargers will meet and exceed the needs of high horsepower racers and crazy street applications! 'sharing a bearing system similar to the Y2K series, Mid frame units ensures extreme durability and robust performance. 4 V-band discharge standard. HP-series 72mm, 76mm and 82mm compressor wheels are available for Mid frame units.Heat is a turbochargers enemy, too much is the biggest strain on a turbo and can often cause them to fail, especially larger turbos such as the Midframe series. Thats why Turbonetics Midframe series feature ceramic ball bearings. Ceramic ball bearings are more resistant to heat meaning a more reliable, better performing, longer lasting turbocharger.

  • Huge increase in Horsepower and Torque over stock
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing HP76 Compressor Wheel
  • M2 Turbine Wheel
  • A/R 1.44

  • Proposition 65

    /!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

    Since 1978, Turbonetics has been a leading source for OEM and aftermarket forced induction systems and components. Turbonetics is a world class small-to-medium volume OE and aftermarket manufacturer of turbochargers, heat exchangers, and pressure control components for customers in the industrial, military, and motorsport sectors.

    All Turbonetics products are designed and manufactured in house, deliver best-in-class performance and outstanding durability. With complete in house design and engineering capabilities, Turbonetics works closely with customers to develop unique solutions for any forced induction challenges. Turbonetics specializes in one-off parts to medium level production up to 10,000 units per year.