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Unichip Plug and Play ECU System Subaru BRZ 2013



Model #2620052

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The Unichip Plug n Play ECU system is a complete Engine Management Computer system which plugs into & works in conjunction with the stock BRZ ECU. Adds up to 13hp & 12ft-lb over & above what you gain from aftermarket parts and also optimizes settings to take full advantage of all bolt-on accessories. Remember, the power gained from aftermarket parts is worthless once the ECU registers fuel trims, this kit is specially calibrated to take full advantage of any power parts. Easily plugs into the stock engine sensors in minutes, no programming necessary . Our Plug n Play harnesses comprise only the finest components, including OEM connectors, gold-plated terminals & highest spec SAE wiring. Realizes the full potential of Aftermarket add-on s like Cold-Air-Intakes & exhaust systems , as each kit comes pre-mapped for the exact set-up of each car. No end-user tuning necessary : select the correct maps when ordering, plug the kit into the car & you re ready to go. Easily internet-upgradeable for future add-on s. 27 different calibrations available for each bolt-on configuration featuring stepped timing and fueling changes covering the range from poor low octane fuel to better than standard pump premium.

Each kit comes with two maps : a low octane performance map & a high octane performance map, switchable from within the vehicle. Fully tunable by a Unichip Custom Tuner for customized add-on s . This basically means that the Engine Management System in your ride is now as tuner friendly as the most advanced Standalone systems in the world , with full control over timing & fueling, without sacrificing any of the factory features. This feature is unmatched by any reflash-tuning or other similar product.This also means that your engine management system is now forced induction friendly: add a turbo or supercharger & you re ready to tune. All the usual Unichip custom features are also available (Map boost, drive extra injectors, data-logging etc.) Have a look at our world-renowned tuning software with the fuel and timing maps. Plug n Play kits are removed from the vehicle in minutes , returning the vehicle to stock tuning , without leaving a footprint of ever having been modified (a feature which reflash-tuning cannot match).Take the guesswork out of Dealer visits with confidence. The kit does not VIN-lock to any vehicle, so once removed from a vehicle it can be remapped & used on another vehicle. This means the kit has a great resale value, once again, something which questionable software or reflash products cannot compete with.


  • Adds up to 13hp & 12ft-lb.
  • Easily internet-upgradeable for future add-on s.
  • Easily plugs into the stock engine sensors in minutes.
  • Realizes the full potential of Aftermarket add-on s.
  • Each kit comes with two maps.
  • Fully tunable by a Unichip Custom Tuner for customized add-on s.
  • Plug n Play.
  • NO VIN-lock!!
  • No end-user tuning necessary.
  • Subaru, BRZ, 2013
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Vehicle Engine Notes
Subaru BRZ

Who is Unichip?

Unichip is an aftermarket company that specializes in creating tuning equipment for modern vehicles. Before, engines are controlled by a carburetor and are easily tuned by adjusting a screw and using basic mechanic’s tools. Nowadays wherein cars are controlled by a computer, cars are tuned differently and this is where Unichip comes in. Today, they are the leading brand when it comes to performance tuning in the market.

Most Trusted Brand

Unichip products allow you to custom tune your vehicles to achieve the performance gain you wanted. They have been creating quality products that they have been trusted as the original equipment supplier of major automotive companies such as Isuzu and Mitsubishi. They have also partnered with other leading aftermarket companies such as Turbonetics, Vortech, Procharger, APS, and Turbocenter.

Due to the success of their products, they have been sought after by many enthusiasts around the world with affiliates located in 47 different countries. This allows them to accommodate their customers wherever they are, while maintaining their high level of standard through all of their products.

Purchase Unichip at Vivid Racing

If you want to have total control over your vehicle and want to have that tunability, then Unichip is the brand for you. They have consistently produced quality parts over the years and have maintained its position when it comes to performance tuning. To know more about Unichip, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific needs.

Due to the nature of virtual and downloadable products, Unichip Wholesale will not issue any refunds for Unichip Maps, Unichip Reflash Software, and Unichip Tuning Software. We will however work with our customers to update and modify maps where neccessary in order to insure customer satisfaction.

Unichip Wholesale offers a full replacement 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defective parts for new purchases by the original owner on all new parts advertised for sale on this website as well as a 90-day Performance Guarantee on Unichip & Unichip Plug ‘n Play products. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Unichip Wholesale.

If you encounter issues with any of our products Contact Us with a description of the problem and a technical support associate will usually reply within 48 -hours of receiving the e-mail.

If the part must be returned for inspection, the associate will issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) which must be written on the outside of the shipping container. A RMA is required for all returned items(any items arriving without an RMA number will be refused , without exception). Proof of Purchase is required for all returned items and must be included with the items.

All electrical parts , including Unichips & Unichip Plug ‘n Play kits , as well as any software and Unichip Maps are sold as is & are NOT returnable for a refund , but other parts advertised on this website may be considered for a refund .

Unichip Wholesale will only consider refunds if parts are in original , unused , saleable condition . Refunds will not be considered after 15 days of receipt of purchase and may be subject to a 15% restocking fee .Special order items will expressly not be refunded.
br>Labor costs to remove & install any parts purchased from Unichip Wholesale will not be refunded. Cost for technical support and paid phone support is not refundable.

All other Claims for missing items or error in shipment must be reported within 5 days of order receipt. With the exception of returns caused by our error, incoming & outbound shipping costs for returned items are the buyer’s sole responsibility . Refused shipments returned to Unichip Wholesale do not automatically qualify for credit. Any items left unclaimed at Unichip Wholesale will be discarded after 3 months . This includes items sent for repairs to Unichip Wholesale & which Unichip Wholesale quotes on without receiving a response within a 3 month period.

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