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Universal Harness Bars

Harness Bars | Why should I install these?

Do you have a project car that you wish to go racing in during the weekends? Is it safe for your little project to go racing? Do you have a harness bar?

“A harness bar? What’s that?”, I hear you ask.

In simple explanation, harness bars are bars that mount behind the front seats to allow the installation of a racing style 4 or 5-point seat belts, also called a harness. Hence harness + bar.

Racing harnesses provide much improved safety and security to the driver and passenger in a vehicle. By keeping the driver firmly glued to their seat they also can help improve car control, there is faster maneuvering and less dancing. However, most OEM cars do not have provisions for the shoulder belt portion of the harness – mainly because they aren’t really designed to go racing.

A harness bar provides an anchor point for the shoulder straps to attach to. Which means that you can install a full harness in almost any vehicle. If you want to run track days or add a harness for looks, but do not want to add a permanent roll cage or roll bar, a harness bar is the only way to go. It will give you added safety while keeping your interior clean and functional.

Aside from keeping the front occupants safe, another advantage of harness bars is that they can add structural rigidity to the chassis giving better handling characteristics. Harness bars come as either tailor made bolt-in kits or universal kits that require some custom fitting. Just be sure to check fitment for your application and take all the necessary measurements before ordering. 

It is also important to note that while using racing style harness belts is a great idea for competition, some cities and states might have rules against using this type of safety restraints on the street.

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