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IE Valve Guide Volkswagen 12V VR6 Engines


Integrated Engineering

Model #IEVTVV1

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Using high quality valve guides in your cylinder head is essential for longevity, reliability, and performance. Integrated Engineering valve guides are designed to directly replace OEM valve guides, featuring correct outside diameter measurements to provide the ideal press-fit into your cylinder head.


  • Direct replacement for OE guides (oversized guides also available)
  • Undersized inside diameter for perfect machine fit
  • Designed for Ferrea & Supertech aftermarket valves
  • Engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house
  • CNC machined from a proprietary bronze alloy
  • Ensures valve sits in the exact center of the valve seat
  • Improved valve stem to guide wear resistance
  • Reduces heat build-up from valve stem to guide friction
  • Increases thermal conductivity by 10% greatly improving heat transfer
  • Extends valve life and reduces wear on the valvetrain components
  • Aerodynamic guide design increases flow through the intake and exhaust ports
  • VVolkswagen 12V VR6 Engines
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Who is Integrated Engineering?

Integrated Engineering was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was started by two brothers Peter and David Blais. The two shared the same passion for racing, and this has jumpstarted the two to create Integrated Engineering. 

The company specializes in manufacturing performance products such as rods, camshafts, valve trains, and Billett accessories. Today, they have become a household name when it comes to performance.

German Car Experts

Integrated Engineering focuses on producing performance products for Audi and VWs. As the experts in these platforms, they are able to pinpoint exactly what parts need to be improved to bring out the best in those vehicles. The company considers not only the performance gain but its reliability as well. Their goal is to turn these vehicles into a better performing machine without compromising its reliability.

Attention to Detail is the Key

To create top quality products, the company carefully studies each design detail using specialized software. This enables them to fine-tune the design before it goes to actual manufacturing. They first test their design in ABS plastic to ensure that all measurements are accurate and on the spot. Once everything has been checked, their performance products are then tested in their in-house engine and chassis dyno machine for long hours to test its performance and reliability.

This attention to detail has enabled their parts to perform in extreme conditions and withstand the punishment usually endured during high-performance applications.

Purchase Integrated Engineering Products at Vivid Racing

If you want to improve the way your Audi or VW performs, then Integrated Engineering has got you covered. Their expertise in these platforms has made them the go-to brand when it comes to performance, and it has gained them the trust of many enthusiasts everywhere. Visit Vivid Racing and see their list of products that would fit your specific needs.

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