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Vehicle Specific Roof Racks

Be More Adventurous With a Roof Rack

A roof rack allows you to make efficient use of the space that would otherwise have been wasted so that you can carry more gear on vacation and recreation. You'll have more room inside your car with a roof rack so that passengers can travel comfortably. We've got all the carriers to help you get maximum utility out of your roof rack, including cargo boxes and bags, cargo baskets, bike racks, ski and snowboard racks, kayak and canoe carriers more.

Vivid Racing offers basic rack systems for every type of roofing vehicle. The perfect fit is assured because the crossbar supports are individually designed for each roof style, including smooth roofs, guttered roofs, tracks, fixed mounting points and factory flush or raised side rails. Choose from a round, square and aerodynamic crossbar. Most roof racks can be locked in place, and most carriers can be locked in the base rack to prevent theft.

Roof racks are ideal for the transport of recreational equipment. Our bike racks come in fork mounting, frame mounting and wheel mounting styles, and each provides safe and secure transport that is easy to install and load—hitting down the slopes? You can use multiple sets of skis or snowboards in transporters that are easy to mount, gentle on your equipment, and easy to open and close. If water sports are your thing, you can use your roof rack to get your canoe, kayak or paddleboard up to the edge of the water.

Advantages of having a roof rack

If you lack space, then having a roof rack is the best solution for you. It not only improves the storage space of your car, but also increases the legroom inside the vehicle providing a reliable and sturdy mode for transporting sports and other equipment.

The modern storage rack comes loaded with features like LED lights (that brighten up the camp after the sun dozes off to sleep), water and weather resistance, a roof rack that can accommodate rough terrain, etc. These racks are easy to load and unload.

What to Look For in a Roof Rack?

In order to get the most out of a roof rack, you need to make sure you get one that’s made with quality construction, fit, finish, and that meets relevant standards and regulations. With the many different roof rack systems available nowadays, it’s important to find a setup that meets your specific needs. In other words, the mounting legs play a crucial role.

Common materials used for manufacturing roof racks are aluminum, steel and reinforced plastics. Steel is ideal for those who tour in high-vibration environments and carry a huge load, whereas aluminum is preferred by those who want to cut some weight.

Pay Attention to the Roof Load Rating

One of the most important things to figure out, before you start loading cargo up the roof rack is your car’s roof load rating. Every vehicle has one, and most ratings vary from 50kg to 100kg.

Make sure you stick to the load rating, or you risk serious safety issues and voiding your car's warranty. Keep in mind that the roof rack may have a different rating than your vehicle’s roof, so make sure you get a roof rack that has the carrying capacity of your vehicle’s roof. This is extremely important because roof weight can impact how your car handles, its braking ability, and its aerodynamics.

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