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Producing 700HP crank horsepower is common for the Porsche 996 or 997 Turbo, but what about when you have 700 or 800 wheel horsepower?  If you have a 6spd, easy, just upgrade the clutch.  But when you have a Tiptronic, the transmission needs a serious upgrade.  Vivid Racing has developed the ultimate Porsche Tiptronic upgrade for up to 1000bhp.  You need 5 simple things to have a strong Tiptronic transmission for the Porsche 996 or 997 Turbo cars.  First and most important, the disks.  The Porsche transmission is made by Mercedes and German tuners have been building these for years.  The goal here is to increase friction material so the disks under heavy torque do not slip.  What we do is add additional disks to the K2 and K3 clutch packs.  In additional to the extra disks, you also have to change out the spacers so the overall stack height is the same as stock.  These Mercedes parts require experience to make sure that the disks will function like stock and not bind or slip.  These 2 clutch baskets are the major ones that fail with the extra horsepower and torque.  In order to now keep these disks holding under load, you must upgrade the pressure of the tranny fluid that is holding the disks in place.  We upgrade 2 of the solenoids on the valve body with parts from a AMG Mercedes.  We also change out the line on the side of the transmission case to increase the diameter of what is flowing through the from the pump.  This steel braided line with CNC machined fittings increases the orifice size over the stock unit.  With these 3 major changes, your transmission is almost ready for power!

There is 2 more components that make the transmission most effective but are not part of the build process.  These 2 parts are sold seperately on our website or as options below.  The first is the Torque Converter.  The factory torque converter has been proven to only be able to handle around 700 crank horsepower.  After this limit, it loses pressure and causes the power delivery to slip like a manual clutch system.  Our upgraded torque converter raises the stall speed by about 500rpm and is designed to handle the large increase in power.  In addition, we high recommend doing the TCU flash.  The TCU (Tiptronic Control Unit) is the computer that controls the Tiptronic;s behavior.  Seperate from the ECU, the TCU is changed to increase line pressure, change shift points, and allow the Tiptronic to pass redline for shifting.

With the Tiptronic transmission upgraded, the vehicle will still drive very smooth and nice under regular driving conditions.  Under hard acceleration and shifts, you now have the confidence that the car will hold together with the upgraded power.  The transmission upgrade can be done on any Porsche 996 or 997 Turbo from 2001-2009 with the Tiptronic transmission.  Unfortunately, user installed parts cannot be supplied and we require the transmission to be shipped to our location in Arizona for the upgrade.  General turn around time is approximately 2 weeks.  If you wish to upgrade the Torque Converter, leave that on the transmission when it is shipped.  The TCU control unit must be sent in for reflash if you choose to upgrade this as well.  Please contact us for any questions on this upgrade.

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