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What Makes Volk's TE37XT Special?

This brand new TE37 series wheel name is composed of "X" and "T," which means the inherited design of TE37X, the masterpiece of the forged off-road wheels and the initiation, indicating a new evolution in the acceptance of the overseas truck culture. Its performance, which can even be installed on trucks, quickly passes JWL-T, VIA and our initial strength test. The patented A.M.T technology of RAYS, which is the title of VOLK RACING, is adopted on two parts of the outer rim. The latest model argues for itself. For the color feature, the Bronze Almite is the pronoun color of TE37 and Blast Black, the new color of 2019, as its standard colors. In addition, a special color Matte red is also prepared as a new proposal from RAYS and extends the possibilities of a 4x4 dress up vehicle. VOLK RACING is capable of acquiring high quality and technology.

The basic feature of the TE37XT is toughness and features the Volks Racing Logo and Ring machined on the outer rim. This six-talk design sets out the technical standards of JWL+R Spec2.


  • Elegant 6 Spoke Design
  • Forged aluminum single piece construction
  • 16” - 18" sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Lightweight and strong
  • No center caps for reduced weight

Volk Racing’s Mold Form Forging Technology

Rays' forged wheels are made using design mold-form forging technology, which involves the use of a dedicated mold for each type of wheel and a differently shaped mold for each process.

Requiring the use of advanced technology, this method is both labor-intensive and time-consuming, but Rays believes this to be the only forging method that fully exploits the intrinsic potential of forging.

The ratio obtained by dividing the cross-section of the completed forged wheel by that of the original billet is known as the forging ratio. Essentially, it represents how much the shape of the original billet has changed, but what matters most in this process is the ability to apply pressure.

RAYS boasts a 10,000-ton forging machine enables a wheel with a high forging ratio to be molded in a single pressing. It also allows materials to be spread across wheels designed to have a large surface area quickly and uniformly, even if they have a diameter of over 20 inches. Consequently, this machine dramatically increases production efficiency for high-quality forged wheels.

JWL+R Spec 2

Bearing in mind that the JWL standards adhered to in Japan are the minimum strength standards that all wheel manufacturers must meet, RAYS conducts its own practical strength tests that better reflect the actual driving conditions. The company requires all its wheels to meet its own in-house standards (JWL+R) and all its forged wheels to meet even stricter in-house standards (JWL+R SPEC2). Safety is the absolute minimum requirement that Volk Racing must meet no matter how hard they may strive to achieve high performance. Rays' fundamental mission is to ensure the safety of all drivers using their wheels.

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