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Vors Wheels is a performance wheel brand that is inspired by a love of design, minimalism, and motorsports. Vors Wheels offers a complete array of flow-formed wheels to accommodate the enthusiastic driver's needs and nostalgic tastes. Vors Wheels designers are constantly reimagining the original wheel design.


Each Vors wheel is finished by hand, beginning with the prototype and continuing through development and mechanical processing. Vors Wheels includes the pursuit of quality, innovative ideas, and unique approaches. Since their inception, Vors Wheels have demonstrated their precision and effectiveness in the most demanding environments.

Following the casting process, all rims are subjected to testing and inspection. Each wheel is deburred and examined for unevenness during the finishing process. Before sending each Vors wheel to the paint shop, their highly qualified workers double-check that it satisfies our stringent quality standards.


Vors Wheels are at the top when it comes to quality and performance, engineered to combine an eye-catching appearance with a sturdy yet lightweight structure. They are created by exerting intense pressure and heat on the wheel's inner rim while it is spinning rapidly. During the flow-forging process, the wheel's material is compressed and stretched, resulting in a higher tensile strength than conventional cast wheels.


These wheels are designed to withstand the most severe abuse and provide exceptional performance even in the most adverse driving situations. Additionally, they are substantially lighter than cast rims, providing enhanced handling, acceleration, and braking. Vors Wheels are available in a wide variety of offsets, widths, and custom finishes. They offer the ideal balance of style, quality, and performance.


Vors Wheels are built to meet or surpass JWL/VIA specifications. They include an economical price and make every effort to keep their costs low. There is no distinction between their wheels and the high-priced, overpriced wheels on the market. Their small team takes pleasure in keeping their pricing affordable while maintaining a high standard of quality. You can also purchase various Vors Wheels products on our website.