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Why Choose Fifteen52 Wheels?

Had it been founded in 1552, they would automatically be the oldest manufacturer of wheels. But cars, as we know them, did not exist back then.

Instead, Fifteen52 was formed in 1996 – when cool cars as we know it exists.

Fifteen52 is a wheel brand driven by an undying love for all things automotive. They choose to cast off expectations and buck trends to do things their way, offering a unique approach to modern wheel design. With a healthy injection of minimalist design language and inspiration pulled from the race paddocks and rally stages that influenced their formative years, Fifteen52 aims to adapt motorsport styling to the everyday encounters of street driving. 

They have a singular goal to equip enthusiasts with race-bred performance styling in a wheel that has the strength to handle proper daily abuse. Over the years, Fifteen52 has carved out its unique segment in the aftermarket industry and its design language remains unmistakable. 

Sharing a similar passion for speed and pushing boundaries, Fifteen52 has been fortunate to work alongside Ken Block for nearly 10 years – yes, the cool dude that does wonderful power slides - manufacturing wheels for his craziest endeavors and wildest car builds. 

With the wide reach of his automotive antics, wheels such as the Fifteen52 Tarmac and Turbomac have quickly become modern-day classics known around the world. Fifteen52 is eager to utilize their momentum and strong foundation to forge ahead with a line of car and truck wheels that stand out amidst the rest and make an impact everywhere.

Monoblock Wheels

Fifteen52’s cast wheels are single-piece motorsport-inspired renditions in a variety of sizes.

A very good example of their cast wheels is the ken Block designed Turbomac. As seen in the Gymkhana SIX video, the Turbomac wheel was co-designed by Ken Block and fifteen52. Essentially a 5-spoke Tarmac center with a vented outer ring, the Turbomac was designed with both form and function in mind.

Very strong and relatively lightweight, this wheel is very much a motorsports-quality design. Each Turbomac wheel has the Ken Block "Block Skull" stamp of approval on the reverse side.

52Offroad Wheels

With the love for adventure, Fifteen52 launched their line of the sporty design language in the world of off-road wheels. Their off-road wheel program stands out with a unique collection of truck wheels that are built to handle the very extreme conditions and challenges off-roading throws at your face.

A highlight from this line of wheels is the Analog HD. The first aluminum “steel” wheel.

Introducing the Analog HD, a modern rendition of classic style. As we continue in our journey to remap off-road performance for everyday use, we thought it'd be a good idea to bring back a classic steel wheel with some minor adjustments and added functionality.

So they to the drawing board and started with an all-aluminum construction to reduce un-sprung weight, added dimension to the center section that would channel airflow through the slotted pockets to your brake system, and included a reinforced flange design.

Now, only if they had a head start in 1552 …