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Why Choose HRE Wheels?

HRE Performance Wheels is renowned globally for creating wheels of the highest level of style, quality, and distinction. They design, develop, and build 3-piece, 2-piece, and single-piece forged aluminum alloy wheels for Sports, Performance and Luxury vehicles.

Many of their made-to-order wheels provide a selection of custom offsets, sizes, and finishes. This ensures that your wheels are uniquely styled and tailored to perform according to your needs. Their popular line of wheels include:

1. Forged Monoblok: Starting in 2006, HRE’s single-piece Forged Monoblok design served as the benchmark for aesthetic quality and performance in the industry.

2. Forged 2-Piece: Using their exclusive single-piece forged barrel, FMR™, HRE produced the world’s finest 2-piece wheel designs. These wheels are exceptionally strong but remarkably lightweight at the same time.

3. Forged 3-Piece: HRE’s Forged 3-piece wheel designs boast nearly 40 years of distinction and innovation with superior style and custom choices.

4. FlowForm: These are cast designed wheels that boast a stunning flow form outline and heavy-duty performance. They allow customers to enjoy a similar level of strength of forged wheels, but at a more affordable price.

The HRE S1SC Series

The S1SC Series is HRE’s newest collection of 2-piece forged wheel designs. These wheels are engineered to be stiffer, lighter, and more concentric than any other HRE wheels. They also do not require air seals like conventional 3-piece wheel designs. There are four unique profiles available which include a mesh design, V-Spoke, Split 5-spoke, and a Y-spoke.

S1SC wheels feature bold styling and are engineered with numerous sophisticated design elements to make them stiffer and lighter. HRE engineers and designers were especially attentive to the spoke’s features, which include the intersections and innovative fastener flange surfaces.

Positioned for the Future

Currently, HRE is focused primarily on cutting-edge materials and technologies. But at the same time, they’re consistently searching for opportunities to enhance their main forged-wheel products as well. Their extensive line of FlowForm wheels has been massively successful so far and will probably continue to grow in popularity.

Plenty of their wheels feature smooth, modern styles that instantly add a touch of luxury to any vehicle. However, with the company’s progressive design and manufacturing approach, better and bolder variants are sure to come in the future.