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In 2004, NEUSPEED started using a new production process called Flow Forming, years before other wheel companies jumped onto the wagon. The Flow Forming process produces light weight wheels with similar strength characteristics to fully forged wheels at no cost. The combination of lightweight, cost-saving and innovative designs makes NEUSPEED wheels the perfect fit for Audi, VW, MINI and Fiat vehicles in the motorsport and street performance market.

Since 1975, NEUSPEED has designed, engineered and manufactured performance components with the highest quality, safety and reliability in mind. No one comes close to their industry record first or sets high industry standards for design, innovation, materials, fit, finish and attention to detail.

NEUSPEED has just launched the RSe103 wheel.  With its sharp and angular cuts on the spokes, it's also noticeably a more robust wheel, fit for a larger vehicle. That's not to say it won't look good on sedan or wagons, though! Simply put, it's a 'beefy' looking wheel meant for a 'beefy' vehicle.

Why Switch to Vivid Racing as your Aftermarket Wheel Provider?

Regardless of what styles or sizes you're interested in, the one thing you can depend on to come with every wheel or wheels and tires order is the best buying experience in the business.

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At Vivid Racing, we simply love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

Vivid Racing ensures that they meet the customer’s expectations in terms of quality, size, and strength.

The company always provides quality wheels that are used for applications where you need speed and good looks, such as for racing vehicles. They are also relatively resistant to corrosion.

Why Should I Install Aftermarket Wheels?

  • Aftermarket wheels have been engineered to be lightweight, which is why these see the primary use in motorsports
  • A lighter wheel reduces un-sprung weight, resulting in faster acceleration and significantly improved handling
  • A bigger wheel allows space for much larger brake rotors and calipers—usually a must when a car is built to race
  • A larger wheel is more attractive in design compared to boring stock wheels

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