Redbourne Wheels

Providing the highest quality aftermarket wheels to your Land Rover and Range Rover is Redbourne's passion. It consumes their minds, and it challenges their skills. They always strive to find ways to increase strength, reduce weight, improve our designs and engineering, streamline production, achieve unparalleled fit and finish, and produce wheels fully in line with Land Rover's ethos.

Redbourne Wheels is where adventure meets elegance. At Redbourne, they set out to design and build wheels to fit your Land Rover that captures the ruggedness of Land Rover while exuding the luxury with which design dictates.

Redbourne is not making OE Land Rover Wheels. We make Land Rover Wheels that make you want to take off your OE wheels. Each Redbourne wheel is designed, tested, and built with the correct load rating capable of holding a Land Rover's heavy-duty chassis. 

Redbourne wheels are designed to give you a smooth and enjoyable ride. Each of their wheels were designed to support the Land Rover OE tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and the OE Land Rover nuts. Even the center cap is to accept the OE Land Rover cap. So if you're looking for aftermarket wheels to fit your vehicle, including Land Rover Wheels, Range Rover Wheels, Range Rover Sport Wheels, LR3 Wheels, or LR4 Wheels, look no further than Redbourne.

Why Should I Install Aftermarket Wheels?

  • Aftermarket wheels have been engineered to be lightweight, which is why these see the primary use in motorsports
  • A lighter wheel reduces un-sprung weight, resulting in faster acceleration and significantly improved handling
  • A bigger wheel allows space for much larger brake rotors and calipers—usually a must when a car is built to race
  • A larger wheel is more attractive in design compared to dull stock wheels
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