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SSR - SSR Wheels & SSR Rims

What Makes SSR Wheels Special?

Every SSR wheel features a distinctive racing spirit forged from the most competitive track and racing environments. These wheels were born in the circuit and have been part of the motorsport world, not just for branding reasons. It’s an opportunity to consistently test and improve their performance and quality against the best of the best.

From the legendary MK1, the world’s lightest Type-C and Type-F wheels, and modern GT series, SSR wheels continue to evolve. Today, the SSR high-performance wheels are stronger, lighter, and more capable of handling the most challenging tracks!

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Currently, SSR wheels are manufactured using a proprietary manufacturing process called HTM or Heat Treatment Manufacture. The wheels pass through a spinning process during manufacturing. They are then heat-treated once again. This heating method makes the wheel even stronger using minimal material. The result is an exceptional combination of strength and lightness that’s perfect for the track.

An Impressive Selection of High-Performance Wheels

SSR wheels have a proven track record in racing performance. Today, they offer numerous designs to suit different driving needs and tastes. They include:

1. SSR 1-Piece Wheels: Smooth, precision-built, light, and sturdy. SSR single-piece wheels are manufactured using SSF technology.

2. SSR 2-Piece Wheels: It comes with a barrel as one piece and a face as the second piece. Because of its unique design, you can enjoy an assortment of offsets that are measurable in millimeter units.

3. SSR 2-Piece Hybrid Wheels: SSF built fascia is welded to an HTM inner barrel through advanced manufacturing technology. This distinct combination makes SSR Hybrid wheels extremely strong but lightweight.

4. SSR 3-Piece Wheels: SSR was the first company in the world to build 3 piece wheels. Starting designs back in 1991.

SSR uses its most advanced design and development technologies in the creation of its 3-piece wheels. The wheel features an outer and inner rim and a center disc that can cater to an extensive array of offsets. It also guarantees the perfect fit for every vehicle.

“The evolution of the wheel should not be beaten by the evolution of the car.” That is the philosophy behind the SSR high-performance wheels. You can get the best and the most exquisite SSR wheels and other wheel accessories here at Vivid Racing. Vivid Racing’s wheel catalog from SSR includes Professor SP1, Professor SP4, Professor MS3, MK-1, GTX01, and more!