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Strasse Wheels

The best present you can possibly give to your car is a new set of wheels. Not only will a new set of wheels totally change the aesthetic of your car, but high-quality wheels can also improve your vehicle’s driving performance. Strasse wheels are one of the best wheel brands on the market, offering cars, SUVs, and trucks a unique combination of style, speed, and sophistication.

What are Strasse Wheels?

Strasse offers customers the ability to custom build new wheels that are made to impress, using the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations to deliver superior performance. Strasse has been delivering high-quality wheels to customers since 2007, delivering forged aluminum wheels that are a perfect combination of luxury, performance, and strength. Regardless of whether you have an exotic sports car, a performance vehicle, a luxury car, or an SUV, Strasse has an amazing set of wheels that are perfect for your needs.

What Separates the Strasse Wheels Collection From the Competition? 

The Strasse wheels collection is renowned worldwide for its incredible craftsmanship and functionality, changing the face of performance wheels forever. Below, learn about what truly sets Strasse wheels apart from the competition and why you should buy Strasse wheels

Strasse Builds Custom Wheels to Fit Each Vehicle

If you have ever worn a custom-tailored suit, you can immediately feel the difference between a suit designed to perfectly fit your body and a suit off the rack. Every movement you make has minimal friction, and it is almost as if the suit has become a part of your body. That is the case with Strasse wheels, as all of their wheels are custom built to perfectly fit a specific vehicle. That means the wheels are designed to maximize width and concave depth, improving the wheels driving performance.

Beautiful Design

Not only do Strasse wheels improve the performance of your car, but they also look amazing. A new set of Strasse wheels can completely change the look of your vehicle, taking the car’s aesthetic to the next level. 

Rigorous Testing

Each set of Strasse wheels goes through a comprehensive set of tests to make sure the wheels are up to the rigors of the road. Each wheel will go through strength, fatigue, and impact resistance testing to make sure your wheels are reliable and perform at a high level.

Buy Strasse Wheels From Vivid Racing

If you want to buy Strasse wheels, you came to the right place. Vivid Racing specializes in providing drivers with only the best performance automotive equipment, and we are proud to carry a variety of different types of Strasse wheels for our customers. If you are interested in purchasing a new set of Strasse wheels or would like to learn more, contact Vivid Racing today by calling (480) 966-3040.