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Vision Off-road Wheels

Vision Wheels is not your run-of-the-mill off-road wheel manufacturer. They buck current wheel trends, look ahead, and create trends. And then they watch as the competition follow suit.

1976. That’s when Vision started producing wheels. Aside from their truck and SUV offerings, they also make wheels for classic muscle cars, sports sedans, and everything in between. Over the years, they have seen what the market wants and that is what Vision Wheels has been giving since one fateful day in 1976.

Like most wheels, Vision Wheels are die-cast aluminum alloy.

But unlike most normal cast wheels, Vision has a method of gently filling the mold with smoldering, molten aluminum. They have a foundry which delivers wheels that are free of surface defects and porous spots that bleed air and lead to cracks. Then the wheels are machined to the closes tolerances the industry has dictated.

After the wheel has formed, it can now be finished to a classic show car triple chrome treatment or have it painted by the finest automotive paint to match your car.

You must not let the shine of the chrome fool you. Vision Off-road Wheels can take a beating! More than 40 years of experience is baked in every wheel to deliver the strength, style, and performance you won’t find anywhere else.  

Your workhorse shouldn’t look like a John Deere. Vision Off-road Wheels makes wheels that are large, rugged, with a very high load rating that your trusty truck can double as a show vehicle when it’s not working. Vision has made it possible to produce truck wheels that are beautiful and have real muscle when put to the test.

The best bit? The trailer that you use to haul your stuff like racing cars can be fitted with the same wheels as your truck, completing the stylish, rugged, yet purposeful look. Vision’s Truck/Trailer wheels are perfect for your duallie and lifted hauler needs. 

Stand out from the crowd with your stylish wheels. And then conquer the beaten path and not worry about your wheels cracking. Vision Off-road wheels can take the pressure off-roading brings, a feat that’s been proven over and over again as they conquer the toughest off-road races like the Baja 1000 and Mint 400.

But if your off-roading activities limit you to a fairways and greens, score a hole-in-one with your golf cart’s styling because Vision had a vision that golf carts need stylish rollers, too.