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Vossen Wheels

More than two decades of experience in the automotive industry, Vossen Wheels has been filling the wheel-shaped void in the hearts of those looking for beautiful and high-quality one-piece and multi-piece wheels.

Made in California, Vossen Wheels are made of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Targeting the luxury automotive community, stylish wheels have sizes that range from 19” to 26” with widths up to 13”.

Being an innovative and industry leading company, Vossen offers deep concave wheels and can proudly say that Vossen has played a huge role in making concave wheels as popular as they are today. Vossen Wheels prides itself on being a global company with worldwide distribution in over 30 countries.

What does Vossen Offer?

Vossen Wheels different kinds of wheels for different kinds of builds. The only thing that is constant is that all of their wheels are beautiful and built with the very best quality.

Vossen Hybrid Forged Series

Hybrid Forged is Vossen-speak for flow forming  their wheels.

The process of creating the best flow formed wheel involves a mix of complex engineering and high-grade technology. A balanced combination of heat and pressure upon the rim barrel alters the mechanical properties of the wheel to get the desired effect: increased strength and weight reduction of up to 15 percent.

The flow forming process maintains the integrity of the design, while also improving the grain-structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and considerably thinner forged-like rim barrel. Flow forming is the response to our market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance the overall vehicle driving experience.There are four steps to this process, first the heat and coating is applied to the flow-forming drum. The cast wheel is mounted on the drum and ready to be formed.

Second, pressure is applied to the rim barrel. Specially designated hydraulic rollers are used to stretch the wheel by applying pressure to the rim barrel. Next, the wheels’ properties are compressed and stretched to achieve the desired width.

Finally stretching results in an improved grain-structure of the aluminum, which makes for a stronger, thinner, and lighter forged-like rim barrel. The final product is more durable on impact and enhances overall vehicle performance.

Advancing the traditional casting process, the Hybrid Forged Series utilizes flow forming to cut down on weight and increase strength. Flow forming also allows for a great range of wheel widths within each design.

CV Series Monoblock

Pioneer of the concave, staggered trend, the CV Series employs a low-pressure casting process and delivers classic monoblock designs. 

Vossen Forged Wheel Series

Timeless design meets modern functionality–The EVO Series symphonies monoblock structure with a multitude of unique styles, fitting anything from your exotic hyper car to off-truck application. Meanwhile, the EVO R Series symphonies both monoblock & 3-Piece structure with a multitude of unique styles, fitting anything from your exotic hyper car to off-truck application. 

The pinnacle of Vossen Forged design is the Series 21. It is filled with the most aggressive and dynamic designs. The Series 17, on the other hand, are where all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle, from an exotic hyper car to off-road truck application. The Lip Concept Series is aimed at emulating the lip transition of a multi-piece wheel while maintaining a single-piece monoblock forged construction.

Surprisingly, Vossen also collaborates with some of the best names in the wheel game.

Vossen x Work

Designed in Miami and manufactured in Osaka, The Vossen x Work Series is a collaborative effort that defies the barriers of distance, language, and the automotive industry as a whole.


Novitec and Vossen’s shared focus on precision craftsmanship, revolutionary design and producing the highest quality product within the automotive industry have led to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Tesla specific wheels, tailored perfectly to each model.

Urban Automotive x Vossen

Developed exclusively for Land Rover and Range Rover applications, the Urban Automotive x Vossen Forged wheel series is the perfect way to personalize your Rover.

Why Choose Vossen?

There is something about the look of Vossens that can easily get even the most discerning gear heads obsessed.

All Vossen Wheels feature a stainless steel lip up to 5” deep. That gives the highly sought after multi-piece look in wheels while still being lightweight.

All wheels offer tire pressure sensor capability. Because of the large diameters, all Vossen wheels have more than enough clearance for big brake kits and high-performance brake upgrades.

Vossen’s Vehicle Tailored Engineering ensures that your vehicle will attain its optimal style and performance. For example, the Precision Series wheel is engineered to be superior to the OEM wheel it is replacing. The ultimate fit is achieved by considering the maximum width, offset, and concavity that the car’s dimensions will allow.

Each wheel can be had with a plethora of finishes with more color options than a rainbow. Vossen’s in-house finishing facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to produce only the highest quality finishes. From ceramic polishing to powder coating, all Vossen Forged wheels maintain industry-leading quality by monitoring every step of the process with the utmost scrutiny.

Every Vossen wheel is put through the highest standard in testing and quality control. Being around more than 25 years, Vossen offers a five year workmanship warranty and a lifetime structural warranty which means we stand by our product 100%.

Vossen Wheels is dedicated to its vision of designing innovative styles. Aspiring to provide the utmost excellence in customer service and manufacturing the highest quality wheels, Vossen Wheels are the perfect accessory for those who are looking to stand out in a crowd, while maintaining performance, comfort, and style.

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