Cosmis Racing - Cosmis Racing Wheels

Who is Cosmis Racing?

Cosmis Racing is a company that produces high quality wheels. They combine stylish design with excellent durability – two very important things that car enthusiasts look for when shopping for new wheels.

They only use the finest grade of aluminum. Using advanced casting technology, these extremely strong and extremely lightweight wheels can withstand the toughest applications in the most abusive circumstances – racing.

What Cosmis Racing Offers

Cosmis Racing also offers flow-formed wheels. 

Cosmis Racing’s flow-forming technique is done by applying immense pressure to the inner barrel area of a cast wheel while it is spinning. That stretches and compresses the wheel giving it extra tensile strength. This enables the wheels to have the same durability and stiffness comparable to more expensive forged wheels.

And because racing is in the name, Cosmis racing wheels have been proven to handle the harshest racing conditions.

The Wheels

Cosmis Racing has a variety of styles to choose from and each wheel can be perfect for your car.

The Cosmis XT-006R is a 6 spoke wheel with a step lip design. It features debossed lettering around the lip and a unique step down spoke design. The style of the XT-006R is aggressive and it will make your ride stand out in a crowd.

Perhaps the most recognizable wheel that captures what Cosmis Racing is about is the XT206R. It features a 6-spoke split wheel design with a stepped lip. It is also available in many sizes from 15 to inches.  

The XT206R is a good fit for those of us who love cars that capture the JDM spirit. And true to JDM, the XT series wheels are inspired designs of Kiki Sak Nana. Kiki is a part of the Red Bull Drift Team, very prominent group in the drifting scene in Taiwan.

Cosmis Racing’s MR-II wheel remains popular because of its stylish, subtle, yet very simple design that any car fitted with these wheels will instantly look beautiful – but it won’t draw attention to itself just like some of the more aggressive wheels in their line-up. The MR-II split 6-spoke design is perfect for the individual who likes style but resents showing-off. A wheel for connoisseur’s if you will.

Style often comes with attention. If you crave both, the Cosmis S1 is the perfect wheel for your ride. With an aggressive 32° spoke angle on the 18x10.5 model, the S1’s 6-spokes doesn’t get any more concave than this! You would be hard pressed to find something as aggressive, stylish, and durable.

The Cosmis R1 is designed with performance in mind. The 12-spokes feature stepped spoke edges and a one-of-a-kind barrel to spoke design. It was especially designed around the big brake kits that Brembo makes for sports cars and supercars.

Finally, we pay homage to one of the first wheels Cosmis has made, the S5R. It is a classic split 5-spoke wheel with a concave profile for added aggressiveness. It reminds us of the wheels that came standard with the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and the Ferrari F430. Only the S5’s come in more color options, and a more aggressive rim-past-the-lip profile.

What You get from Cosmis Racing

Aside from producing strong, beautiful wheels, Cosmis Racing also comes in a variety of finishes to make your car stand out even more! They are very sensitive to quality control and that is why they only have two factories in Taiwan. This is because only these two factories meet Cosmis Racing standards. 

Cosmis Racing wheels can be had in a variety of colors. And we mean that in every sense of the word variety.

Cosmis Racing is becoming renowned for their aggressive design and affordable value. And as if racing conditions are not yet enough of a torture for wheels, the company tried shooting at their wheel to prove its strength!