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MOMO Win 2 Wheels

MOMO Win 2 Wheels

The elegance of Win 2 is due to its 10 spokes' mesmerizing curves, emphasized by a fine finish that attracts focus to the middle of the wheel to highlight its stylish look.

The indisputably sophisticated Italian layout and the standard of artistry set the MOMO wheels except for the average. The automotive heritage and the way MOMO utilizes race tracks as the business' testing ground ensure that all MOMO wheels give unmatched quality.

Transform the look of your vehicle with these stunning MOMO Win 2 alloy wheels. MOMO offers the Win 2 Wheels in Glossy Silver, Matte Black, and Silver with wheel diameter 14 to 17 inches in a wide range of fittings to suit most vehicles.

The distinctly elegant Italian style and the craftsmanship standard distinguish the MOMO wheels from other regular wheels. The racing reputation and how MOMO uses racing tracks to prove the business guarantee unrivaled performance for all MOMO wheels. Stylish and straightforward lines for a powerful personality: that's Win 2 for you. The decades of MOMO's design led to a highly sleek and classy wheel with 10 strong spokes.


  • Wheel Size: 14", 15", 16", 17"
  • Finish: Glossy Silver | Matte Black | Silver
  • Configuration: 4x100 | 4x108 | 4x114 | 4x114.3 | 5x100 | 5x108 | 5x110 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x114.3 | 5x115 | 5x120
  • Offset (mm): 18, 20, 25, 35, 38, 40, 42, 45
  • Center Caps: Matte Anthracite Background, Matte Chrome Arrow
  • 1-Piece Cast
  • 10-Spoke
  • First Class Italian Design
  • Impeccable Racing Pedigree

Win 2 puts together all of MOMO's expertise in producing a technologically advanced product with five concise and powerful spokes deep in character. The elegant design and available diameters allow a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs to be used. Win 2 is also compatible with flat tires and TPMS systems for full protection on the lane, like all MOMO wheels of the last generation.

The values behind the development of MOMO Win 2 are security, performance, and top-class Italian design. To ensure optimum protection in all driving conditions, this light-alloy Win 2 range from MOMO has been developed. To ensure reliability, longevity, and safe driving, all custom rims must meet the highest levels of approval in the world (TUV, JWL, VIA, SAE, ISO 9001 International Regulations).

The easy solutions provided by the Italian design distinguish MOMO Win 2 wheels from competitors. MOMO rims are associated with exclusivity and are defined by stylish ten-spoke style and attention to detail. The beauty and prestige of the competition hold MOMO wheels from the road to the road ahead. The business has plenty to sell to anyone with wheels from 14" to 17" in diameter.

Every wheel is made with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. MOMO wheels provide full safety in driving conditions while meeting the highest quality requirements. The brand picture of a well-known company is all about creativity. What else would you expect from the company leading the industry for more than 30 years? When you've got MOMO wheels, it's fun and comfortable on the tracks.

About MOMO

In 1964, to manufacture a customized steering wheel for his race car, Italian race car pilot Gianpiero Moretti created the MOMO. In contrast to conventional race steering wheels, this unusual steering wheel ??? the first MOMO steering wheel in history ??? has a superior grip. Moretti soon found the new steering wheel for drivers from many other teams who needed their cars the same, and the Moretti steering wheel quickly became popular in the racing world.

Ferrari Formula, One Driver, John Surtees, also took note of the steering wheel, which decided to suit its single-seater vehicle. Moretti's race steering wheel was selected in 1964 by John Surtees' Ferrari, who won the Formula One world championship. Gianpiero Moretti converted his passion into a reality, and MOMO - Moretti Monza's short story - was born.

MOMO has offices based in Milan, Italy, with operations based in North America at its headquarters in Kansas City, MO. Through MOMO and Reds brands, the business offers over 60 countries a wide variety of aftermarket and motorsports performance goods.

The company continues to develop innovative competitive products through the convergence of sophisticated technology, high performance, and superior design, in addition to its focus on light-alloy road wheels. Top drivers used the GP2 European and Asian MOMO steering wheels to NASCAR in the U.S. Top drivers. Italy has gained a global reputation because it seldom breaks from its basic but strong principles – product quality, outstanding production, maximum protection, and the highest standard of performance.

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