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Work VS XX Full Reverse Wheel 19x7.5


Work Wheels

Model #WW-VSXXFR-1975

Shopper Award

WORK VS-XX has the classic mesh design that is a pack leader. The VS-XX Utilizes the latest low-pressure cast center disk and barrel forming technique to assure the strenght and quality. VS-XX has a diverse range of diameters, size and application. The attractive styling and quality has made the VS-XX a top choice for many higher end coupes and sedans. The 3 piece VS-XX combines exquisite styling, superior strength, and unsurpassed quality. Great for any Japanese, European and Domestic vehicles. TPMS Compatible with certain vehicles. T-Disk center disk option for larger big brake caliper clearance.


  • Barrel Type: Full Reverse Barrel
  • Three piece forged construction.
  • Polished Lip
  • Center Cap
  • Valvestem
  • Size: 19x7.5 - 19x12.5
  • Available Disk Types, Bolt Pattern and Offsets:
    • Standard Disk (A Disk):
      * Available Offsets & Lip Size (mm): 57(22mm), 45(34mm), 32(47mm), 19(59mm), 7(72mm)
      * Standard Bolt Patterns: 5x100 or 5x114.3
      * Available Custom Bolt Patterns: 5x98 ~ 5x120.65
    • Deep Rim Disk (O Disk):
      * Available Offsets & Lip Size (mm): 67(22mm), 55(34mm), 42(47mm), 29(59mm), 17(72mm)
      * Standard Bolt Patterns: 5x100 or 5x114.3
      * Available Custom Bolt Patterns: 5x98 ~ 5x120.65
    • Big Caliper Disk (R Disk):
      * Available Offsets & Lip Size (mm): 40(22mm), 28(34mm), 15(47mm), 2(59mm), -10(72mm)
      * Standard Bolt Patterns: 5x114.3
      * Available Custom Bolt Patterns: 5x98 ~ 5x120.65
    • Big Caliper Disk (T Disk):
      * Available Offsets & Lip Size (mm): 29(22mm), 17(34mm), 3(47mm), 9(59mm), 21(72mm)
      * Standard Bolt Patterns: 5x114.3
      * Available Custom Bolt Patterns: 5x98 ~ 5x120
Available Colors:
    Disk Color
  • Standard Colors: Burning Silver, Gold

  • Center Cap Color
  • Standard Center Cap Color: Black

  • Valve Stem Color
  • Standard Valve Stem Color: Chrome
  • Optional Valve Stem Colors: Gold
  • Wheels Sold Individually or as a Set
  • Because these wheels come in many different options and to ensure proper fitment, please fill out text box with all desired options. Contact Us for any wheel fitment questions.
  • These wheels are special order, please allow 60-90 days for delivery.


Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

What is Work Wheels?

Work Wheels is a long-standing member of the Japan Light-Alloy Wheel Association (JAWA) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). It’s Japan’s premier manufacturer of high-quality automotive custom-made performance wheels for both motorsport and street use. Work Co. Ltd. Is most notable for manufacturing the “WORK Equip” and “WORK Meister” wheel series.

Work Wheels introduced its first range of wheels in 1977 under the name "WORK Equip", which is still manufactured today under popular demand. The brand adopts an “on-demand system” to product products under direct request of its consumers and corporate clients. Current major corporate customers include TOYO Tyre & Rubber Co., Dunlop Falken Tyres Ltd., Bridgestone FVS Co., FUJI Corporation, and Toyota Modellista International Co.

Work Wheels for Everyone

Work produces a wide range of one-piece monoblock, two-piece modular, three-piece modular and forged center wheels. The Work Wheels lineup is aimed at the top of the chain when it comes to aftermarket wheels and custom-built wheels for American, German, Italian, and Japanese cars.

Based on sound engineering and advanced technology, Work Wheels has developed an admirable line of wheels offering attractive designs and numerous fitments. The large collection of wheel styles and fitment options allows for customers to choose what fits their taste best – ranging from standard to aggressive sets.

Find Work Wheels at Vivid Racing

Spice up your vehicle’s appearance with a set of Work Wheels that suits your personality. We have a large inventory of Work Wheels, including Durandal, Emotion, Equip, Gnosis, Lanvec, Meister, Rizaltado, and many more! Call one of our parts specialists today at (480) 966-3040 for fitment help and any other questions.

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