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XForce 3" Stainless Steel Cat-back System with Varex muffler,ExcluRegular Cab Ford F-150 2015-2021

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Model #ES-F15015-VMK-CBS

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This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver here.

Our passion for performance exhaust has no boundaries and our commitment is limitless. Thats why XFORCE is becoming one of Australias most recognized brands in the Industry.? XFORCE is built on a strong philosophy of providing the pinnacle of quality in the performance exhaust market and provide competitive pricing to match. XFORCE have distribution networks throughout the country as well as providing for international customers, making our brand accessible to everyone! Our development team and staff have a crazing for quality and are automotive enthusiasts just like you! So you can be sure that we have the right team for the job. All of our products are researched and custom developed in Australia.

Ford F150 2015 V8, Ecoboost 2.7/3.5 and Raptor 3" Stainless Steel Cat-back System with Varex muffler,ExcluRegular Cab


  • Title: Ford F150 2015 V8 Ecoboost 2.7/3.5 and Raptor 3IN Stainless Steel Cat-back System with Varex mufflerExcludes Regular Cab
  • Ford F150 2015 V8, Ecoboost 2.7/3.5 and Raptor 3" Stainless Steel Cat-back System with Varex muffler,ExcluRegular Cab


Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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Who is XForce?

XForce is a company based in Australia that specializes in manufacturing exhaust system products for different vehicles. Offering high-quality parts at affordable prices, they have been a brand of choice by multiple enthusiasts everywhere. Today, they have expanded themselves and now sell their product not just in their local market but to international customers as well.

A Company Built By Enthusiasts

What makes XForce a successful brand is because the team behind the company are car enthusiasts as well. They understand what the customer needs. Hence they design their products in such a way that it would be able to exceed their client’s expectations. They have years of experience that they were able to create products that function well. 

Continuous Improvement

XForce allocates most of its resources to research and development. With the ever-changing technological advancements in automobiles, they need to adapt themselves to be able to cope up with the trend.

Game Changers

XForce has produced some of the best products out there that have helped revolutionize an entire industry. The company introduced its patented Varex muffler design. It combines the look of a stock muffler with the performance of an aftermarket one. With a click of a button, they are able to open a valve that would allow the exhaust flow to move freely and become unrestricted. This is best especially for people who want to have the comfort of having a stock exhaust during daily driving, but at the same time wish to track the car on the weekends.

Purchase XForce Products at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of a high-quality exhaust system and parts, XForce is worth checking out. You can find muffler bolts, headers, catalytic converter to full exhaust systems. You need it, they have it.

Visit Vivid Racing and check out the complete list of parts suitable for your needs.

XFORCE Exhaust Limited Warranty

What is Covered
  • All XFORCE Exhaust Universal Mufflers, VAREX Mufflers, Exhaust Systems, Headers, Catalytic Converters and SMARTBOX™ are covered by a limited manufactures warranty.
  • XFORCE Exhaust warrants that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship as determined by XFORCE for the duration of the Warranty Period as specified in TABLE 1 from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
  • These Warranties only apply to the original purchaser who retains ownership of the vehicle on which the products were originally installed on.This Warranty is limited to material and / or workmanship defect at the time of shipment from the factory, and in no event shall seller have any liability for consequential damages of any kind resulting from a breach of this warranty.
  • This warranty will be void on all products that show evidence of misapplication, improper installation, abuse, lack of proper maintenance, negligence, or alteration from original design.
  • This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, either expressed or implied, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILTY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
Exclusions from this Warranty
  • This Warranty does not apply to any products that;
    • has not been purchased from an Authorised XFORCE Dealer;
    • has been purchased or received as a second-hand Product;
    • Is a Counterfeit product;
    • is made known to You at time of purchase of the Products that this Warranty does not apply. Circumstances where this Warranty does not apply include Products that are sold with defects or faults and such defects or faults are drawn to Your attention prior to You purchasing such Products;
    • has been modified by a non-Authorised Dealer or a non-Authorised Fitter;
    • has had the serial number removed, altered or made illegible.
  • This Warranty does not apply to any defect in the Product caused by:
    • failure to use or properly maintain the Product in accordance with Company's instructions or recommendations;
    • abnormal use of the Product;
    • any accident, neglect, abuse, accidental damage, incidental damage, incorrect application, misuse of the Product;
    • the fitting of an accessory or option by a non-Authorised Fitter;
    • misuse of the Product against any XFORCE instructions;
    • Improper, incomplete or incorrect installation or fitment;
    • normal wear and tear.
  • This Warranty does not apply to:
    • hidden or latent defects or fitness for a particular purpose;
    • any consequential damage/s;failure to order the correct Product;
    • vehicles in which the Product(s) is installed;
    • A cause independent of the human controls which occurred after the goods left the control of the manufacture;
    • Claims for internal damage of the engine, components or user's vehicles are not covered by this warranty. It is the responsibility of the product user to monitor engine operation/performance and have proper detection devices installed to warn the user of overheating;
    • XFORCE shall not be responsible for injury or harm to persons and/or property caused by persons or vehicles using our products.
    • XFORCE Exhaust reserves the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications, and to make changes to product(s) without prior notice or to make amendments to this warranty statement at any time.
  • The Company is a parts supplier only, and not liable to defective fitment of the Products.
    • repair the Product;
    • replace the Product with a product that is at least equivalent to the original Product in function, quality and cost. When a Product or component is replaced, any replacement item becomes Your property and the replaced item becomes XFORCE's property and the replacement Product assumes the remaining warranty of the original Part(s) replaced.
  • This warranty is not transferrable.
  • To make a claim under this Warranty, please contact an Authorised Dealer in Your State with your valid proof of purchase. If requested, You may also need to send Your Warranty claim by email to inquiry@xforce.com.au with your Warranty certificate along with the proof of purchase issued by the XFORCE dealer / distributor from which the products were originally purchased. The XFORCE dealer / distributor should then contact XFORCE USA to obtain a Return Authorization number to return the product. XFORCE Exhaust will not honor any returns not labeled with the Return Authorization number.
  • When lodging Your Warranty claim, You must, along with your proof of purchase:
    • After You lodge a Warranty claim, the Company or its Authorised Dealer will assess and investigate Your Warranty claim as to whether or not it complies with this Warranty statement. During this process the Company or its Authorised Dealer may, before providing Warranty service, require that You respond to questions designed to assist with the diagnosis of any faults in which you must co-operate. This may include You delivering the Product to the Authorised Dealer or the Company. You must respond to all requests within 14 days.
    • Any costs incurred in having Your Product repaired, such as transporting the Product to and from the Authorised Dealer are not covered by this Warranty.
    • You agree and acknowledge that if You make a Warranty claim, the Company and its Authorised Dealers may exchange information in relation to You in order for the Company to fulfil its obligations under this Warranty.
  • Please ensure that this warranty statement is provided to the purchaser upon purchase of any Product(s) if the original warranty statement provided with the Products has been removed from packaging upon installation of the Products
Reservation of Right

How will a valid warranty be honoured?
  • If You submit a valid claim under this Warranty, it will be assessed as to whether or not it is a valid Warranty claim due to the parts being defective in materials and workmanship and XFORCE will, at its option:
    • Obtaining Warranty
      • provide a written explanation of the warranty issue and if so requested, photographic evidence of the issues and alleged defects associated with the Product;
      • Provide the alleged defect product in question to the Authorised Dealer or the Company if so requested.
    • Authorised Dealers/Distributors note:(TABLE 1- WARRANTY PERIOD)
      • Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems - 5years
      • Universal Stainless Steel Mufflers - 2 Years
      • Stainless Steel Headers - 2 Years
      • Catalytic Converters - 12 Months
      • Electronic Components - 12 Months
      • Accessories - 12 Months

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