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XScorpion is a company in Orem, Utah that is categorized under Architectural, Engineering, and sound related accessories. Xscorpion car audio accessories are engineered and produced to be the very best in terms of function and performance. From the wires to the fuses, the entire line is planned and orchestrates cutting-edge design and innovation. Their quality and value exceed all expectations in today's market.


XScorpion Audio offers a complete spectrum of ultra-advanced, patented Bullz Audio technologies, ranging from audio kits and interconnects to amplifier kits and capacitors. It improves the way signals move between your head unit, amplifiers, and other parts of your car's system.


XScorpion is a global pioneer and innovator in the high-service distribution of electronic components and automation products. Apart from the products that fuel technological innovation, XScorpion also provides a multitude of digital solutions and tools to help design engineers and procurement experts accomplish their tasks more efficiently. They foster innovation on a global scale, from prototype to production.


Xscorpion has always placed a premium on customer service and product quality. Their continuous process improvement and ongoing statistical analysis have always been key to their corporate philosophy. As a result, Xscorpion has developed into a world-class distributor of electronic components that exceeds the expectations of consumers. Their products range from installation parts, trim and molding tools, battery power, amplifiers, antenna adapters, and various electrical parts.