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Why Upgrade Your Y-Pipe?

There are a number of exhaust systems available in the market today. However, the two leading systems are single and dual exhaust systems. Single exhaust systems use a single pipe to emit exhaust gases and are used in the majority of vehicles.

Generally present in vehicles featuring V6 or V8 engines, dual exhaust systems direct the exhaust gases through two pipes. A single exhaust system generally takes those two exhaust pipes and merges them into one pipe by using a Y-pipe. This type of exhaust system collects exhaust gases from the manifold using one singular pipe before they travel through the muffler and exit the car.

A dual exhaust system, meanwhile, will typically use either an X-pipe or H-pipe design. The type of exhaust system uses two individual pipes in collecting exhaust gases from the manifold.

While a lot of cars appear to use a dual exhaust system, more often than not, it’s merely a dual exit exhaust. It's essentially a single exhaust system that features two exhaust tips instead of a real dual exhaust system.

Performance Gains

So which offers better performance improvement? A single, Y-pipe design exhaust system or a dual exhaust system? Both systems are engineered to fulfill the same job. Single and dual systems route exhaust gases away from the cabin of the exhaust and eliminate some emissions with a catalytic converter.

Realistically, a full dual exhaust system should offer more total exhaust flow, however, a single exhaust can offer improved exhaust scavenging. Exhaust scavenging is effectively just using the low pressure zone behind and exhaust pulse to help pull along the next exhaust pulse.

Upgrading to an aftermarket Y-pipe will typically improve total flow and improve exhaust scavenging. For vehicles like the R35 GTR, an upgraded Y-pipe can offer massive horsepower increases, however, naturally aspirated vehicles like the 350Z might not see as large of horsepower increases.

The kind of sound an exhaust system generates doesn’t affect your car’s performance and is entirely just about personal preference. However, it can play a role on whether you should choose a dual exhaust or single, Y-pipe design exhaust system.

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