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What is Zito Wheels?

Zito Wheels has more than 10 years of experience in the wheel industry. They are no stranger to the characteristics of what makes a wheel look good, perform well, and attract enthusiasts. Zito Wheels originated in Europe and quickly became a first choice for aftermarket wheels among petrolheads. After solidly establishing itself in the United States in 2013, the company found that a large volume of consumers was looking for more unique wheels. Zito stepped in to fill the void and change up the wheel industry with distinct designs that set its products apart from the rest. Zito Wheels prides itself on doing so to this day.

The Zito Wheels Mission

Zito Wheels sets out to provide the vanguard of wheel design and advanced modern technology in a lifestyle product. The brand is passionate about innovation and style and driven by all facets of the automotive industry to offer unique products that bring enthusiasts together while setting their vehicles apart.

The staff at Zito Wheels ranges from racing enthusiasts to fashion savants, so it makes sense that its designs would be a mashup of motorsport aesthetics in a lifestyle package. Zito’s wheel lineup fundamentally blends a specific level of sportiness with chic fashion to become the ultimate wheel that fits for nearly every application out there.

Find Zito Wheels at Vivid Racing

If you are looking for a set of unique wheels to dress up your ride, then Zito Wheels has you covered. Vivid Racing carries a large inventory of Zito Wheels, including the ZF01, ZF02, ZF03, ZS03, ZS05, ZS07, and ZS15. Call one of our parts specialists today at (480) 966-3040 for fitment help and any other questions you may have.