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8 Responses to “Add an Image”

  1. All info on my car is on there and pictures

  2. Steve says:

    My new SpecD Black Halo LED Projector Headlights Mitsubishi Eclipse 06-08 , looks WOW and adds sharpness to my Vehicle

  3. Brian Rollefson says:

    Recently got my Work Emotion XD9′s 18X10 +18 on all 4. Also dressing up the wheels are the red lug open ended nuts.

    I have done a lot and put a lot of money into this car. I get compliments everyday I drive it. Let me know if you want an entire list of what has been done.

  4. Vern Knight says:

    Hi thanks for considering my photo , it has Wed’s Kranze Vishnu purchased from you along with Yokohama
    Advantage sports tyres , it has a job design body kit along with lowering module also Viper smart start
    3m window tint -

  5. Vern Knight says:

    Hi my Lexus is LS600 HL 2008 model with weds Karen’s Vishnu shells purchased from you with tyres Yokohama
    Advantage sport also from vivid racing- it has a lowering module, Job design body kit , 3 m window tint
    Regards Vern

  6. [...] to share our new Mission Statement and showcase those customer that upload their projects to our Customer Submitted Photos Gallery here. “To Exceed our customers expectations through continuous improvement and customer [...]

  7. Bobby says:

    I recently had a crazy issue with a set of wheels that I ordered from another party where they could not get the wheel I needed. Granted, the wheel I got from Vivid wasn’t exactly right (it had 2 valve stem holes), but Joey from Vivid took care of me quickly and sent flush mount stems immediately. Plus, they were 1 of 2 places in the country that even had the wheel in stock!!

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