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By now, you understand that Vivid Racing strives to bring you the most comprehensive product catalog for aftermarket parts. This past week we have added new products that are designed to give you options when buying.

First up is a new performance brake kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Being a new car, not too many companies have had a chance to develop products for this rear wheel drive sports car. Fortunately, everyone looking to track their FR-S/BRZ now have the option of a track ready brake kit from a very well known manufacture. StopTech has released the Slotted brake kit that includes all 4 slotted rotors, high performance stainless brake lines and street performance brake pads. The performance gains will be noticed immediately as this kit will help reduce brake fade and improve pedal feel, even during your track events.

With that new brake kit, you may need to pump up the horsepower. Thankfully we provide you with options here too. Agency Power and aFe have released products designed for specifically for the FR-S and BRZ. Agency Power is among the first 86 to take delivery of the FR-S. Their exhaust has been developed in house and tested on the street to ensure quality. The dual exit 4″ titanium tips really stand out. The piping has been enlarged to 2.5″ which retains back pressure while still improving exhaust flow. If you are looking for even more, the new over pipe and front pipe combo takes the catback system all the way to the header with the enlarged pipes.  Throw in the new aFe Takeda intake or flat panel filter, and you now have a FR-S or BRZ worth showing off.

Speaking of intakes, Vivid Racing has just increased their Injen product line to include new makes and models. Injen performance products have been a standard in the industry for years. Their aggressive price point and quality products stand out against similar brands. They offer ram air and cold air intakes to suite your needs and they don’t stop with intakes. Injen has a full line of exhausts ready to bolt on to a variety of cars.

If your thing is more about the aerodynamics and style, then the Brabus body kit could be for you. The new CLS63 has subtle lines that Brabus wanted to accentuate. Their body kit does that and more. You can choose from side skirts, fender add-ons, front and rear spoilers or a diffuser. Of course, to really make a statement, you could elect to go with the entire kit.

No matter your needs in the aftermarket world, Vivid Racing has you covered. As always, check out the entire catalog online by CLICKING HERE!

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