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This weeks update brings you exhausts, carbon fiber, suspension, brakes and so much more. Manufactures have been stepping up in developing, testing and releasing great new products for all of us to utilize. These upgrades do everything from improve the look to legitimately taking your daily driver to near race car standards where every little detail matters.

Typically, exhaust systems are designed to sound good and give you a little boost in performance. But with so many people looking to improve track performance, fuel economy and still make power, new technology is needed. What has transpired is a whole slew of FULL titanium exhaust systems. These light weight, power producing units benefit all aspects of the car. The weight savings can be upwards of 60 lbs while still being a larger diameter for better flow. Agency Power is taking this technology and applying to exhausts for some of today’s greatest cars such as the Porsche 997 and Panamera, the Audi R8 and S5, the Ferrari 360 and 430 and of course the Nissan GT-R.

If exhausts are the most common performance upgrade, then suspension has got to be second. KSport offers a wide range of options for upgrading your cars suspension. But one of their newest creations is their air suspension. This allows the driver to raise and lower the car on the fly while still providing excellent ride quality. Of course, the biggest selling point with KSport is their pricing. Their systems are less expensive that most brands, yet they provide a quality product for a wide range of makes and models. And if air suspension isn’t your thing, their performance coilovers or big break kits are! Click Here to see all of the KSport Offerings!

The BMW X6M kit from Vorsteiner has been available for some time now, but the new vented race hood is something you should check out. The lightweight hood has the greatest fitment and look of any aftermarket hood and features carbon fiber vents for releasing the hot engine air which can reduce intake temps. Click Here to see the Vorsteiner X6M hood.



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